Naked Lady

September 12, 2005 | 0 Comments | Creative
DIY diva

Here’s another carving project for you, only on a much smaller scale. I work at a studio at our art museum occasionally doing lost-wax metal casting.You can read all about the process of lost-wax casting here, if you are really interested. The short version is that you carve something out of wax, make a “plaster” mold from the wax carving, and then (in my case) melt metal that is “flung” into the mold using the centrifugal force of a spin caster.

I did a ring last year that was lost before I got a chance to take a picture of it, but she was the first incarnation of the Naked Lady. That led to the idea for this pendant. I don’t have picture of the wax carving, but this is the Lady just after she was cast, with the sprues (channels for the metal to flow through) still attached.

lady, just cast

Three flex-shaft grinding wheels later (hand saw, what?) and we’re sprue-free!

lady minus sprues

lady minus sprues 2

lady minus sprues 3

And, a lot of filing, sanding, soldering, and polishing later…. The Naked Lady necklace is complete!




I have to say, she’s a little too shiny for the pictures to do her justice. You cant quite see them, but one of the jump rings for the chain is clutched in her hand, and the other is held between her feet. And yes, she does have big boobs. Hah. I was a little disappointed with her face, I didn’t have enough wax to get the angles I wanted… and with detail that small I didn’t want to try and melt any onto her. I’m going to try and knock out another –more freeform– pendant in the next couple of weeks. I haven’t been able to get as much done this session as I would like (All my time is spent with the house!) but I have to say… the Naked Lady sure is beautiful.

DIY diva

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