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Sparkler Tricks 2010

DIY diva

My good friend E and I started a Fourth of July tradition last year: Opening the shutter on the Nikon and playing with sparklers. As you can see, Harry Potter’s got nothing on us for wand-dueling.

Last year E took the cake with spelling. I– on the other hand– tried to spell my name and somehow K-I-T, came out P-O-O. For real.

This year, I tried to bring out E’s devilish side…


As usual, I’m a little angel.


Which is why they try to keep me in a box, I’m sure.


I found E’s spelling of “love” faintly ironic.


Sparklers…still entertaining, 30 years later.

Happy Fourth everyone.

DIY diva


  • Aimee

    The angel one is awesome! I wish we had sparklers this year. We have tried a lot of light photography with other things, always fun, but we never thought of sparklers! Of course, living in a “city” it might not work as well because of street lights. I might have to buy some sparklers anyway and give it a go!

    Thanks for the inspiration! Happy 4th!

  • Holyoke Home

    the box is my favorite.

  • Tonia

    I really love the angel one, I found you via The Rambling Renovators. I hope you’re having a fab holiday.

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