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May 26, 2011 | 3 Comments | Contests
DIY diva

Huge thanks to everyone who commented in the DuPont WeedFree Premium Landscape Fabric Giveaway and gave me great tips on weeding and favorite flowers. I was inspired enough to get my vegetable garden going in a few spare minutes last weekend.

And the winner of a roll of the WeedFree Landscape fabric plus a $100 gift card to Lowe’s is…

Commenter #4, Leah Marie from Behind the Stone Wall!

Wow…favorite garden plant?! How do I pick just one? Tomatoes, green peppers, and watermelons all rank a 10 on my list! YUMMY!

Leah, I hope you’ll share pictures of  your mini Landscape makeover.

Also, I have to give a shout out to some of my favorite weeding tips from the bunch.

Dave – because this one had me laughing for days, and then became scarily ironic since someone offered me a couple of pygmy goats this week…

Buy a goat and tie it out on a rope and let it do it’s thing. Goat on a rope…what up! Kidding aside they will eat anything…

Micha from Little Old House for her suggestion of a new tool to buy..

Go get yourself a Hori Hori knife.

BEST. Tool. ever!

It’s beveled for shoveling and serrated for sawing. It can be used to dig, weed, transplant, divide perennials and more. Some have measurements carved into the blade so you know how deep you’re planting/digging. I love it!

Meredith from Building Character-

To pull a page from my mother’s book – it helps to have 2 kids, between the ages of ~5-7… 2 big old brown bags… and the promise of ‘whoever picks the most dandelions wins an ice cream sundae…. GO!’.

Hilarious because it reminds me of MysteryMan’s grandpa who used to give the kids a penny for every weed they picked in the fields, but charged them a nickle for every corn plant they accidentally stepped on. After a few hours, the kids would end up owing grandpa money.

And Nora from Lemonpuss, who’s tip I’m definitely going to try…

My favorite tip is from Roger Cooke, TOH. Years ago he recommended on the show that you dig a V-shaped trench between your lawn and a mulched planting bed and fill it with the mulch you cover the bed with. Weeds and grass have to jump the mulch to encroach on your flowerbed and they are easy to pluck out of the loose mulch if they do try.

For those of you who aren’t gardners, exciting news on the furniture building front since my bathroom vanity how-to should be up tomorrow!


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DIY diva


  • Guerrina

    LOL! My Dad use to offer me 25 cents a bushel to pick up chestnuts so he could mow the yard! Do you have any clue how many chestnuts fit in a bushel basket?!!!!!

  • Cheryl

    Missed the giveaway – darn.

    We had a neighbor that talked all the children in the neighborhood into collecting the dandelion flowers for her so she could make dandelion wine. I don’t even think she had to pay us – we were all so intrigued with the idea. I have no idea how she made the wine or if we even saw the finished product – we were a bit to young to get a taste!

    Could be something to keep in mind for next year when you aren’t so busy if the dandelions make a comeback.

  • leah marie

    YAY!!! I won?! Tell me where to send my info! Can’t wait to get started!!!

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