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Front Porch Breakfast & Reflections

DIY diva

Remember those two years where I lived in a garage and spent every. single. free. minute. building a house? I do. Vividly.

The truth is, it was fun, it was tough, it was 100% exhausting, and I learned a ton. But it was supposed to be a one-time deal. The plan was that I would invest two years of my life into building the Memorial House, and then I would get to spend the rest of the years of my life enjoying the heck out of it. Ha. Yeah. Obviously it didn’t quite work out that way. And let’s be honest, I don’t know that I actually expected it to work out that way, but it was the story I told myself on those days when I was covered in dirt, sick of cooking every meal on a hot plate, feeling claustrophobic in the 400 square foot box I lived in, and could no longer raise my right arm because of all the hammering.

As a one-time challenge, it was awesome, but as a lifestyle? I mean… it was a slow descent into crazy. And definitely not sustainable if I don’t want to spend a significant amount of time in a room with padded walls. Which is why it was so difficult for me– the girl who dives headlong into projects without a second thought– to start over.

The plan was to start small, take it easy, build a little garage with a studio to live in, and then maybe tackle another big house project in a year or two. And then, of course, I drove by the Liberty House while looking for property…and bought it that day.

Because apparently you can’t just talk yourself out of being crazy.

So you know that whole “taking it easy” thing went right out the window. I had hoped to find some balance in my life this year, but instead I found chipmunks in the basement. And broken radiator pipes. And a. lot. of. things. that. need. paint.


But I’ve also been making an effort to have an actual life. Wait, let me clarify, to have an actual life that doesn’t involve power tools. To go out with friends. To not always be covered in sawdust. Not to just work on this house, but to take time to enjoy it. To actually live in it.

I made a joke when I was painting the 101 spindles on the front porch that when that baby was done, I was going to live out there. Breakfast every morning with the sunrise. As it turns out that wasn’t a joke after all, and I’ve been keeping up my end of the bargain by taking at least ten minutes out of my mornings to enjoy a little sunrise and breakfast on the front porch.

Like an open faced breakfast sandwich on Monday…


A little southwest style scrambled eggs on Tuesday…


A smoothie (that, yes, I artfully matched my pink pajama pants) on Wednesday…


Another breakfast sandwich on Thursday…


And–because it’s Friday and I only got about 4 hours of sleep last night– a peaches & cream omelet this morning…


It’s not a lot of time out of my day, but those ten minutes give me just a little space to breathe. To be still. And to be grateful for all that I’ve found here. That’s the lesson that the Liberty House has taught me so far… that taking the time to enjoy what you’ve done is just as important as doing it in the first place.

Also? Probably you don’t want to tangle with a chipmunk if you can help it.

Here’s to doing some awesome projects this weekend, and finding some time to enjoy them when they’re done!


DIY diva


  • Julien

    Mason Jars are so very country-ish ! Love it.

  • Sarah in Illinois

    Ahhhh! Beautiful start to the day!

  • F

    U.R.A. Wonder ! Enjoy !

  • Guerrina

    You are a very intelligent crazy person! Good for you, Kit, and you have such beauty that surrounds you to rest your eyes and spirit on first thing in the a.m.!

  • Nicole @ Post Grad

    I love this post. It’s so true that sometimes we get so caught up in “making a house our home” that we forget to actually enjoy just living in our homes. I’m definitely guilty of this. We’ve really trimmed back and spacing out our project list this summer to start just settling into our home. Although it’d be a lot more enjoyable if we had a porch view like yours! One day…

  • carrie @ brick city love

  • chris

    good post. made me hungry for a breakfast sandwich.

  • Michele

    What good is having a gorgeous porch if you’re not going to spend some quality time with it once in awhile? :-) Chillaxin’ rocks.

  • Brian

    Normal life? Whatever would you write about if you had a normal life. “Sugar and spice and all things nice”, just wouldn’t be as interesting as imagining you hanging off the roof of a donkey barn. I love your writing and I would miss it if there where no stories with power tools. However, get out there and spend time with friends before they forget who you are. Plus, then you can entertain us with stories about bar room tricks with power tools.

    • Kit

      I have been known to use a drill to open a bottle of wine if no corkscrew is available…

  • Dave

    There’s not much point to doing all the work if you can’t enjoy the fruits of your labor. I’m very jealous of that porch.

  • Cheryl

    If I lived closer I’d be over there measuring to make you some cushions for those chairs so you’d have a more comfortable front porch experience until you have time to create the porch swing bed.

    I so enjoy your writing and your adventures – and wish I had your energy. Cushions would be a small price to pay for all the enjoyment you spread around the web – send me dimensions if you’re interested!

    Hope you’ve had success on the donkey barn roof this weekend – anxiously awaiting news that all is well.

    • Kit

      Cheryl, this is such an awesome offer! As it turns out I ordered cushions a couple of weeks ago, and they just came in. I don’t LOVE the color, but they’re good enough for now I think.

      I’m going to keep you in mind for when I attempt to make cushions for my swing/bed though… I’ll need some pointers!

      • Cheryl

        Almost all home decor sewing is amazingly simple – just measure twice, cut once and sew carefully! I think you’ve already proven you can map things out and deal with straight lines! The round seat cushions would be more trouble than a rectangular swing/bed cushion only because of the curves.

        For the swing/bed I would recommend a fairly dense foam covered in a layer or two of batting. Then just make a pillow cover with sides (square profile not knife edge – not sure of the technical terms). You want to make it fit rather snug. And probably put a zipper in so it can be taken off & washed – which means picking washable fabric and washing it before you cut.

        Online how-to’s and/or knowledgable employees in an upholstery fabric store should be all you need. Let me know if you need more specifics.

  • Joylyn

    My brother’s in-laws had a sick chipmunk on their steps. No one saw it. My nephew (4yo) steps on its tail and gets bit on the foot. Worried that the chipmunk might be rabid (because it was obviously sick), my brother’s father-in-law calls 911. When the 911 operator answers, he yells, ‘I’d like to report a chipmunk attack!’ The operator was silent… then said…’uh… we don’t do chipmunk attacks. You may need to call the vet.’

    True story.

    Don’t mess with those chipmunks. :)

    • Kit

      Hahaha… I feel like this is definitely a call that could be made from my house at some point in the future.

  • maria

    I have a small house on a small lake and a small patio that overlooks said lake. I love to eat breakfast on the patio with my dog and stare at the lake. Its a great way to start the day, so peaceful and calm.

  • Bonnie

    Here are free plans from Ana White for a hanging outdoor bed.. Plus a porch swing I absolutely LOVE your front porch. And I also love that soft grey floor. To me, porches are supposed to be painted that lovely grey. Brings back memories of a favorite porch of my Dad’s cousin in West Virginia. Same soft grey. sigh………

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