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For Reals, Cupid: Don’t Make Me Throw a Hammer at You

February 7, 2013 | 25 Comments | Makes Me Laugh
DIY diva

Yep, the last of today’s series of posts about things that make me laugh is brought to you by a chubby, naked kid with wings. That’s not weird at all. But you know, ’tis the season and all that.

Let’s talk for a minute about what it’s like to be a single girl who owns a lot of power tools. A lot of times when I go out with my friends, I’m showered and have brushed my hair…


This is representative of about 0.007% of my life. So when a guy who doesn’t actually know me strikes up a conversation, often what is going through my head consists of:

1.) I own more tools than you.

2.) You have no idea that on any given day, I look like this:


Seriously, I’m pretty sure I’m rockin’ a drywall-dust mustache in this picture. That’s attractive. It’s like I’m living proof of the beer-goggle effect, but with less beer, and more sawdust and insomnia.

Which isn’t to say I don’t date… but, you know, it’s going to take a very very special person to recognize and appreciate my particular brand of Awesome. And if I don’t find him, hey, I’m pretty sure I can use my drill to open the salsa jar if need be, because lord knows I don’t need a Y-chromosome around for help on the house. I happen to have some of the most fantastic people in my circle of friends, which means man or no-man, my life is full of awesomeness and laughter.

For example one of my dear, dear friends has decided to jump back into the dating scene using an ever-popular dating site. As a person who has met a ton of fantastic people via Internet, this is something I am completely supportive of. As a person who has actually read her twitter feed… ah, you know, I’ll let you decide for yourself if this is a good idea…

frc1 frc2 frc3  frc5 frc6 frc7

Seriously? This girl is one of my favorite people on the planet, and I can’t tell if her dating adventures make me adore the male speices even more or, you know, make me never want to date again. Either way, you should probably follow her here: @forrealscupid


True story, Katy. Tools come in all shapes and sizes.

DIY diva


  • DaynaS

    OMG! I do the exact same thing! I’ve been thinking those things for 10 years. I may have also ruined my boys (15 & 18) because they have really high expectations of girls now…

    • Kit

      Hey, really high expectations are a good thing!

  • Carla

    Kit, Loved getting 4 posts today. Now that I am caught up on your life (after reading the 67 pages of your blog for weeks on end) I miss it when you don’t post.

    1. So glad about the donkey’s coming to Liberty House. Maybe when I asked you that question on Feb 4 I was psychic since on the 6th you told us about them.

    2. Regarding how you look most of the time. I remember once when I was installing wood floors and my mom came over and took one look at me and said “Your co-workers would never believe how you look today”. Because I clean up real good and always went to work that way.

    3. I am in need of DIY advice. I live in a condo that has GYPCRETE floors. I HATE these floors. Apparently they are the worst floors ever and the only thing that works well over them is carpet. Well, I am NOT having carpet in my bathrooms (even though I know you struggled with whether to keep it at Liberty House [sarcasm font]). Do you have any experience with gypcrete? I would like to tile the floors but have been told by virtually everyone that while it may go down okay in a short time the tiles will start to pop up because all the moisture will be sucked out of the thinset by the gypcrete. Appreciate any advice you can give me.

    Wish I was closer so I could help you get the farm ready for the jacks.

    • Kit

      I do not have personal experience with gypcrete, but if you wanted to give tile a try I would put down this on top of your gypcrete. It would act as a vapor barrier (that you can tile on) to keep moisture from being sucked into the gypsum without adding any thickness to the floor. (More info on how I installed it here.) Not 100% sure if it would work, but I don’t see why it wouldn’t…

      Also, so glad you enjoyed the four posts today! I just wanted to do something a little fun and different.

      • Carla

        I’m concerned that the gypcrete would suck the moisture out of the glue. I did a ton of research on gypcrete and professional Tilers have refused the job. I may try it anyway the bathrooms are both small so its not like it will cost a lot of money. Thanks for the info Kit

        • Ellen

          Would snapstone tile work? Since it is a floating tile floor and the back of each tile is bonded to rubber it might work.

          • Carla

            Thanks to everyone for the suggestions. Really appreciated.

    • chris miller

      I would go directly to two manufacturers – Laticrete and Noble to see if they had recommendations for this installation. Noble may recommend a waterproofing/crack isolation membrane like Kit suggested that gets attached with an adhesive (NobleBond EXT) instead of a thinset. Laticrete may have a specially formulated thinset for this application.
      If they don’t have any suggestions then I would lay down 1/4 backerboard and screw it into place with Tapcons. This would be guaranteed to work. it would also raise the floor by 1/4″ and take a long time because you’d have to predrill like a billion holes.

  • Guerrina

    Kit, thank you for some hilarity today! I’m waiting to meet the guy where upon conversation my eyebrows don’t meet my hairline, my eyeballs don’t do a roll and my first thought isn’t, “Seriously, God? This is all ya’ got?”

    • Kit

      Amen sister!

  • Linzy

    I would totally date you. You know, if I had a penis. Or if you and my husband were both down with an “alternative lifestyle”.

    • Kit

      Hahaha. Best compliment ever.

  • Kay

    My husband and I met online. Six weeks later we married. 8yrs later (2-17-05) I can’t imagine my life without him.

  • JulieW

    I met my husband when I was covered in poison ivy and calamine lotion. I wasn’t wearing any makeup and my hair was slicked back into a bun 90s style. I asked why he called me the next day when I looked so terrible and he said he thought I looked beautiful. When you find a good man not only will he love you and think you’re beautiful when you’re covered in sawdust he will be covered in sawdust with you, if that’s what you want.

  • Andrea

    4 posts in one day? I mean, 4 posts that made coffee come out of my nose? All in one day?

    Well played, Kit. Well played.

    • Kit

      Thank you ma’am.

  • Chelsea @ Riding Escalators

    LOL! Let’s also talk about being a married woman who owns a lot of power tools. I’m still the one who does all the DIYing and fixing of broken things around the house. It’s like total role-reversal in our house.

    Moral of the story? Women RULE.

    • Rebecca Lynn

      Same here! When I’m gearing up for a big project, my husband always asks if I want help or if it’s one of those things that he should just back off and let me work, and while I do ask him to help hold stuff in place from time to time (because let’s face it, balancing a ceiling fan on top of a ladder is less than fun), my answer is almost always the latter!

  • Candace

    Whilst single, I had to specify to my (critical of my “selectiveness) friends that I wanted to find a guy who could drive a nail in AT LEAST as good as I could, and knew what the difference between socket and reg. wrench were….

    and then I met a fella who built me a bar in my closet (not a euphemism: and a built-in entertainment center. Be still my heart.

    • Kit

      Now THAT’S a love story.

  • Trina

    These were hilarious posts! Thanks for putting up four in one day. I still don’t understand how you do it what with a full time job, but here’s to you! Also, congrats on the donkeys. They are the perfect companions and don’t care if you’re covered in paint and sawdust just as long as you love them.

  • Sandra

    My requirement was that a man had to be able to fix all of the stuff I break (and I break the vacumn cleaner a lot). It’s not that I couldn’t fix it, it’s just that it is annoying to fix and I would rather not have to deal with it. This past Christmas, he bought me a welder. True Love!

  • phil

    I’ve always thought that the second type of picture of you is vastly more attractive than the first–though you certainly are pretty regardless. But let’s be serious: beautiful women are fairly plentiful on the internet. Beautiful women who make me laugh and actually, you know, do stuff and solve problems for themselves? Yeah, those are a teensy bit rarer.

    You keep kicking ass and I’m sure cupid will toe the line.

  • hjc

    Some folks can’t put together one decent post a week and you crank out four excellent posts in one day. You are making everyone else look bad! :-) Thank you for sharing your fabulousness (fabulousity?) with us mere mortals.

    • Kit

      In everyone elses defense… I was only the funny person in one of these four posts!

      I just felt like breaking the blogging rules, I guess.

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