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My Daily Dose of Farms (and Flannel)

June 19, 2013 | 15 Comments | Uncategorized
DIY diva

For someone who spends a lot of time putting words out into the great mystery of the Internet, I actually only have a few “daily reads”, some of them are in the DIY space (more on those later), but in the last year I’ve found a few farm-related blogs that feel like kindred spirits as I’ve taken my first tentative steps into farm life.

If you’re looking for a daily dose of rural living (from people who have more sense than to chase their chickens around the yard sans pants), here are the farms I follow.

Bonafide Farm

Bonifide feels like a kindred farm to me, with house construction, chicken chasing, and beautiful views.

[Breathtaking image from Bonifide Farm]

Plus I love stories from women who run their own farms… it reminds me that maybe I’m crazy, but at least I’m not alone in my insanity. It’s also a great glimpse into my future with things like potential chicken first-aid, hops growing, and raising guinea hens, which are all on my list.

Cold Antler Farm

Jenna from Cold Antler Farm really is one of my farm heroes. She runs a “working” farm (which means all the animals earn their keep) and some truly awesome workshops to support it. Plus she teaches archery, which is another skill I’d like to add to my list this summer.

[From Cold Antler Farm]

She’s got a book– One Woman Farm— coming out soon, which is definitely on my to-read list, and my daily dose of CAF helps gives me a glimpse into what it’s like to live off your own land. I may get there one day, but I’m going to have to do a lot of toughening-up first (give me a hammer and nails I’m good to go, ask me to raise something and then slaughter it for food… I’m crying like a girl.)

White Feather Farm

White Feather Farm is a different kind of farm blog. There’s less about farming and more about inspiration for living life in general. If you’ve been on DIYdiva for more than ten seconds, you know that I wander into the territory of spirituality about as often as I willingly do a load of laundry before every single pair of jeans I own is dirty. Which is to say never.

[Image of unexpected beauty from White Feather Farm]

Which is why even I was a little surprised that this website resonated with me, but it does. Reading these posts always give me at least a brief moment of reflection in my very hectic chicken-chasing life.

And, lest you think I’m totally gender-biased on my feed reader, I also follow a bunch of stylish dudes with beards too. Oddly, none of them farm, all of them pay more attention to fashion than I do, and I swoon over the facial hair on these sites daily. What? Every girl has her thing. I like flannel and beards.

All Plaidout

Seriously? All Plaidout? I mean, just for the name alone I would follow this dude.

The site and content aren’t really relevant to me or my life on the farm, but that’s the beauty of the internet. You can follow someone’s story for no reason other than because you find it compelling. And sometimes get to see gratuitous pictures of dudes with beards.

Secret Forts

Because Secret Forts are awesome. And so is the stuff on this site:


A Very Modest Cottage / Camp Wandawega

I’m actually pretty sure I found both of the sites above from directly or indirectly from A Very Modest Cottage, which is the blog about Camp Wandawega (and other awesome things.)


I knew I was meant to follow this place, not just because it’s gorgeous and has an enviable treehouse (that you’ve probably seen all over pinterest), but because sometime last year there was a day when two of my favorite DIY blogs mentioned this site, and then not 20 minutes later I’m talking to one of my co-workers from Chicago who starts telling me I should check out the website of some friends of his that have a camp in Illinois and lo-and-behold… Camp Wandawega again. I took that as a sign and have been reading them daily ever since.

So that’s what’s on the farm/flannel section of my feed reader (by the way, if you’re a Google Reader user, you know that shit is going down, like tomorrow. Or next week. Personally, I use the Pulse app on my iPad because I love the layout and seeing thumbnails from posts.) Daily DIY fix coming soon, what are your daily reads?




DIY diva


  • MarieRoxanne

    You are one of my daily reads. And lots of other DIY blogs too. But there are two I love and I have been following them both for over 2 years when I bought my computer.
    little things are big – An artistic Wyoming family who has an ETSY shop and recently a vegan cooking blog with recipes, (2 children under 4 yrs)
    Happy Herbivore – Vegan cooking blog with recipes and has 3 cookbooks written, with 3 more to go. (No children, travels all over the world for her recipes and she mentions… no need to have a physical place if your whole business is online!)

  • Jake W

    Thanks for the list! I stumbled onto your blog a few days ago and while I don’t have a farm per se I did grow up on a farm and I’m getting ready to start planting my 2 acres with the hopes of getting some chickens and goats down the road.

  • Ashley

    Thanks for throwing together this list! As I get ready to jump into the land of hobby farming, it’s nice to know that there’s great resources out there (you included!).

  • Courtney

    Thanks for the list! With my wedding finally over and my schedule slowed down for the summer I find myself with way too much extra time. Yay for reading!

  • Sarah In Illinois

    My reads consist of:

    The Art of Doing Stuff
    Home on 129 Acres
    The Ugly Duckling House
    Hooked on Houses

    I really want to start a blog, for the main purpose that I get so much out of reading others, I feel like I should give something back. Not that my life is too exciting but it is just so interesting getting a glimpse of other’s everyday lives. However, the BF is a bit paranoid of giving too much info on the internet (and I can totally see his point). So for now, I will just enjoy dropping in on all of you!

    • Julia at Home on 129 Acres

      I’m a wee bit stoked that you included Home on 129 Acres on the same list as DIY Diva and some of my other favourite reads, Sarah! Thanks.

      And thanks Kit for the new blog suggestions. I love finding kindred spirits out here in blog land. My regular reading list is DIY Diva (at the top, of course), Art of Doing Stuff and YHL. My other favourites (though they don’t post as regularly) are For the love of a house and A Country Farmhouse.

      • Sarah In Illinois

        You are very welcome. When I was little I always wanted a penpal so that I could learn how people lived in different parts of the country or even on the other side of the world.

        I guess a blog is kind of a modern version of a penpal!

  • Erika, the Bonafide Farmer

    Hi, Kit!

    Imagine my surprise and excitement to wake up this morning to find Bonafide Farm featured on your site. Now that’s a great way to start the day!

    I just wanted to stop by and say thanks for the shout-out. DIYDiva is on my daily read list too (as is Cold Antler), and I am cheering for you as you tackle each of your projects. You’re definitely way up there on my list of inspirational figures. I think of you especially every time I pick up a power tool. Ha!

    And you’re right about young single chicks going it alone in the country. We’re rarer than, well, hens’ teeth. It’s great to know there are some other crazy gals out there living the dream. Let me know if I can ever help you out with any of your adventures.

    Erika, the Bonafide Farmer

  • Kala M.

    Awesome list. I plan on checking some of these out. Also, as a side note I’ve been using Feedly since the announcement of Google Reader going bye-bye and I love it. It offers several different layouts to view your blogs including thumbnails. And it integrates with Google Reader so your blogs are already there when you login, which is with your same google username and password. I wrote a post a month or two ago about my favorite features.

  • Sarah In Illinois

    Hey Kit, if you have not read ‘The Dirty Life’ by Kristin Kimball I highly recommend it! It is a memoir about starting a self-sustaining farm. Really a great read!

  • Chaucea

    Actually, there are a lot of “moments of reflection” goin’ on in your blog, which is one thing I really like, and appreciate, about your blog.

    My Daily Listing…

    Apartment Therapy
    Desire to Inspire
    DIY Diva
    Young House Love

    I have 7 other DIY blog site folders, but those are categorized into more specific subjects and not my daily reads.

    A magazine we’ve subscribed to for years is HOBBY FARMS. Its an awesome magazine with lots of really neat info about small farms. We’ve kept every past issue for reference, too.

    It seems they have quite a listing of various Small Farm related magazines:

  • Margaret

    In no particular order, some of my reads are, Gossip in the Garden, Garden Rant, For the Love of a House, Notes from the Deep South, Petunia Face, Little Green Notebook, Milk and Honey Home, Hilarity In Shoes….I read less for the content and more for the writers voice. You are a favorite.

  • Mary Muncil

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