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Barn Envy

July 17, 2013 | 8 Comments | Uncategorized
DIY diva

Living in the middle of nowhere has its advantages. There may not be pizza delivery or high-speed internet, but if you’re running late for a wedding and realize you never put your sheets out on the line to dry, and happen to find yourself hanging laundry on the clothesline wearing nothing but a towel and muck boots, you probably won’t get arrested. Even when you accidentally lose the towel.

Also, there are barns. Everywhere.

This is one of the properties that I drive by on my way into town. They’ve restored the two large barns on their property beautifully, and, in a stroke of genius, rent them out for weddings on the weekends. I’m incredibly jealous, both of the business model, and of those stunning old barns.


I need one.

When I found out that two of my friends (who are so awesome they didn’t even flinch when the present I gave them at their wedding shower was wrapped in shredded cardboard and painters tape) were getting married here I might have done a little happy dance. Which, coincidentally, is not a smart thing to do when you’re only wearing a towel and muck boots.

Don’t worry, I wore actual clothes to the wedding.


Such a beautiful setting.

The bottom level of the barn show above actually houses animals. Chickens and rabbits and horses, and sheep.


Chicken tire… now there’s an idea.

I spent a lot of time celebrating at this wedding, but I also stole a few minutes away to wander around different parts of the property, like the gardens. This is another awesome way to set up raised beds.


Also, the bathroom decor was amazing.


Every single one of the people waiting in line to pee was probably not amused that I was hanging out in the bathroom taking pictures. But it’s not every day you see light fixtures made out of perforated oil filters and gas pipe.

And it’s definitely not every day you get to see a sight like this.


There’s a special place in my heart for old barns that get to see new life, and it was an all-around amazing night.

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