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Christmas Carols about my Power Tools 2013

December 24, 2013 | 37 Comments | Uncategorized
DIY diva

So. There might have been a bottle of wine and video camera involved in the making of this post. (What? It’s the holidays.)

I’m not sure why, of all things, I decided to make singing songs about my tools while drinking the annual Holiday tradition in this house, but here we are. (Well, I mean, drinking is kind of a weekly tradition around here, but usually the only person who has the misfortune of hearing me sing is the cat.)

So, without further ado, Holiday Video 2013. This one’s for you, Santa.

xmas 2013v2 from kitliz on Vimeo.

(I’d apologize for making this video in my pajamas at three o’clock in the afternoon on a Saturday, but I actually went to the effort to put on pants for this, and I don’t put on pants for just anyone, you know. You guys are special.)

Honestly, 2013 has been equal parts awesome and reallyfuckinghard. I haven’t told you all the hardest parts yet, but I will. The awesome parts are even more awesome because of all of you who stop by my little corner of the internet to read my stories. Who almost never judge me (out loud) for my questionable capitalization and grammar decisions, who always make me laugh, and who, in turn, share some amazing stories back. Thanks for being an amazing part of my adventures.

Here’s to building a ton of awesome stuff in 2014.

But first, here’s to naps.

DIY diva


  • Kit's Mom

    Yep, that’s my little girl!

  • Victoria

    Merry Christmas Kit!

  • Stacy

    That’s awesome! I hope you get the tractor AND the panel saw!! Thanks for being authentic and vulnerable. You are a courageous and authentic person. Happy 2014!!

  • Claudia

    Awsome :) ¡Feliz Navidad Kit!

    Cheers from Mexico


  • Sarah @ The Ugly Duckling House

    Wow, haha! :)

    Merry Christmas!

  • Kimberly

    Thanks for the laughs. I will never be brave enough to sing on any camera.

  • Jess

    Merry Christmas! And thanks to you too, for taking the time to run and write your blog. Reading your posts always leaves me much more optimistic that I will escape apartment rentals and student debt for my own place, and a list of projects ten miles long =)

  • Donna

    Kit, you’re awesome! Your blog is such a wonderful source of joy, laughter and inspiration. Merry Christmas!

  • Kelly

    Thanks for the laughs! And probably because I’m totally tone deaf, that sounded awesome! Now I wish I’d asked Santa for a panel saw.

  • KC

    Merry Christmas Kit!!

  • Karen Cutler

    Good job, Kit! Have a very Merry Christmas in your little piece of paradise. We all love you!

  • lsaspacey

    Merry Christmas to you too, Kit! oh and to the cat, the donkeys, and the nuggets. Oh and also your super cool mom!

  • Shelly

    Best post EVER! I soooo look forward to reading your blog every week. I’ve giggled so much in my cubicle that some of my coworkers started following you just so they can see donkey pictures. May 2014 be nothing but spectacular to you!!

  • Laura

    Merry Christmas to you and all your creatures!

  • David


    Wish I was rich. I’d send you a tractor just for showing us that side of you.

    Merry Christmas!

  • Gerald

    You gotta love tools for Christmas right! Great JOB!!

  • Jessica@CapeofDreams

    I hope you received lots of power tools and a tractor this morning. And if you didn’t, merry Christmas anyway!

  • James

    Your laugh = infectious!

    Merry Christmas!

  • Clark

    KitKat, Great video, made me go and watch 2012, awesome! Hope your dreams of powertools all come true. Merry Christmas from snowy Vermont! Clark

  • Gayle

    Freakin’ LOVE IT. Have a great holiday and a successful project-filledl new year (from someone who starts a million projects but has trouble actually finishing any one of them.) You’re an inspiration, gal!

  • Christy

    Awesome! I wish I could see the video…but I could hear it! lol! Well done!

  • hjc

    I was going to use a picture of the donkeys for the manger scene of our Christmas program, but they got bumped by a picture of a donkey, a horse and a lamb. So if Doc and Parker would like to be included next year, you might think about adding a few other animals – a camel would be great:-). Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

  • Candace

    Merry Donkeymas

    and the piece de resistance, a donkey supervisor:

  • Patti

    Go home, you’re drunk. Wait…

  • GG


  • Kate H.

    Your Christmas wish reminds me of a radio commercial I heard the other day. Husband is agonizing about how short the time is till Christmas and he Just Doesn’t Know What to Get His Wife!!!!! Automatically I think, “Power tools, dummy!”

    Thoroughly hopeless, that’s what I am.

    (Oh, yeah, and . . . Your voice has good timbre [not to be confused with timber] and a nice resonance. Very good for that song. I know something about music and I AM SERIOUS. Don’t sell yourself short. :-D)

    • Kit

      Ha. I don’t even know what those words mean, but I’m going to give all of the credit to seventh-grade choir. ;)

  • Jane @ The Borrowed Abode

    Please sing more on the internet. There. I’ve said it, now you don’t have to have a big fat zero in that statistic :)

    That was awesome!

  • mcgrim

    Do you hear what I hear?
    A saw! A saw! Ripping two-by-fours!
    It will make you fences and doors.
    It will make you fences and doors!

    • Kate H.

      Oh, gosh. Where was this verse when I was being afflicted with that carol over and over this December while working at the Big Blue Box Store??

  • Rachel May

    I love reading your blog. It gets me motivated to work on projects for my house and it keeps it real – not everyone finishes a project a day (myself very much included!).

    Thank you for all that you do, giving us something fun to read and cute donkeys to look at :)

  • Tara

    LOL! Awesome…can I send you my power tool songs and you can sing them FOR me? (My voice sounds like a cat stuck in the fan belt.)

  • Maria Bingham

    Thanks for the fun and inspiration throughout the year! Here’s to more learning and laughing in 2014 with a glass of wine, Kit and the donkeys….Maria

  • Jody Brittain

    Loved the video! Cracked me up!

  • carrie @ brick city love

    I want more of you singing on the internet in 2014. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

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