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February 6, 2014 | 3 Comments | Uncategorized
DIY diva

So, here’s some good news: It’s been 48 hours and my entire website hasn’t disappeared even once. I know right? Amazing. Things are not all back to normal, however, and I’m going to attempt a last-ditch effort to get everything back in order on Friday, which means things around here may go up in a puff of smoke sometime in the next 24 hours. (I do have backups, but one never wants to go with the nuclear option except as a last resort.)

Doing anything technology-based when you live on a farm in the middle of nowhere with no access to high-speed internet requires an infinite amount of patience and alcohol, both of which have been in short-supply lately.  Although I did find a bottle of bourbon-barrel porter I’d been saving for a special occasion, and figured things don’t get more “special” than an hour long call with a tech provider after 10PM on a weekday…


If anything calls for 12% ABV, its that. Right?

It’s where we’re at though, and there’s no use in complaining about it. Instead, let’s talk about things that are going mostly right around here.

For example, I’ve finally got my Instagram account linked to the site, and if you ever want a sneak-peek into life around the farm, that’s a good way to go. You can see my latest pics over there in the sidebar ———————>

There’s also some updated content in my About page (one of those things that was there, then gone, and is now back again.) I’m not sure why in the hell you would want to know more about me, but there is a picture of a Nugget trying to steal my beer in there… so that’s something.

The social buttons at the top of the sidebar are all up and working, along with email subscriptions, if that’s your thing.

I’m still working on updating the info on The Farm, and creating more dynamic project galleries for those of you who like to browse projects that way. I’ll also be cleaning up the sidebar, bringing back the search box, and a few other little navigational items. The biggest issue, which you may have noticed, is that I can’t create featured images or thumbnails for any of my posts anymore. It was one of my favorite visual things on the site, and I’m still working on getting it up and running again.

I’ve also been working on, well, digging myself out of the additional foot of snow that was dropped on us this week…

Doc and I have been sporting the same hairdo lately…


(Don’t worry, both of us have brushed our hair since then. Kind of.)

Here’s to hoping things are 100% by next week, or, if not, that I’ve at least found the time to stock up on more beer. Thanks for being patient with the mess around here.

DIY diva


  • Courtney @The TriGirl Chronicles

    I just had my site redone over the weekend and it’s definitely tough having things you like and are used to having shuffled, missing, different, or not working. I think my designer might start throwing things at me if I email her anymore with the line “sorry, just one more thing..”

  • Alana

    Hey, that beer is from my neck of te woods! I’m about 25-30 minutes west of Battle Creek. West Michigan represent! (Ok, that was uncalled for.)

  • Shawn G

    I keep forgetting you live in Michigan and was reminded when I saw the pic of Arcadia Ales. They have some good beers (Loch Down is a favorite). Whenever I’m back in Michigan visiting family I try to hit up some of my favorite breweries or pick up a 6 pack from one of them (New Holland and Short’s being two other favorites).

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