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Soundtrack & Scrambled Eggs at Midnight

February 20, 2014 | 9 Comments | Uncategorized
DIY diva

Do you want to know what I’m doing at the exact minute that I’m writing this post?


Scrambled eggs. That’s what I’m doing. (And not those over-cooked tough little pieces of egg-leather that most people cook, but like, creamy, fresh from the chicken, melt in your mouth scrambled eggs.)

This is the awesomeness of living on a farm.

Right after I moved up to this place, actually–before the donkeys or the chickens or the general tearing apart and rebuilding of my life– one of my friends introduced me to a singer/songwriter by the name of Joe Pug.

Since then, the sound that most often accompanies my projects is, well, first, my own swearing. But just after that, it’s Joe Pug. Each of my houses has, unintentionally, had its own soundtrack… the last house was a blend of The Doors, Slaid Cleaves, and Flogging Molly (depending on my mood), and the Liberty house has been all about Joe Pug, Caravan of Thieves, and, when I’m feeling nostalgic, Counting Crows.

So, listen, I expect basically no one to share my taste in music, because I don’t actually have a taste in music. In life, however, I gravitate towards storytellers– towards people who, through whatever medium they choose, tell an authentic story. And I’m eating scrambled eggs at midnight because I just got home from seeing Joe Pug play live in one of my favorite little venues.


And I have to say… after a rather difficult year, it was such a nostalgic thing to hear the dude who essentially accompanied all of my biggest projects on this house actually singing the songs that accompanied the biggest projects on this house.

Between songs, he said “Here’s what you can expect… very earnest music, and outright jackassery in-between. You can’t take yourself too seriously, you know?”

So… you can totally see why I think these are my people, right?

And I especially love it when people will put awesomeness out there for the general public free of charge, without hoarding their best stuff away thinking that people should pay to experience it. This guy totally does that, and his In the Meantime EP is available for free download here, if you’re interested.

Really, the dude better watch out or my next drunken Christmas Carol might be to one of his songs. Just saying…

DIY diva


  • Nicole @ PostGrad

    If you weren’t already my favorite blogger, I’d have said you are now. We just saw Joe Pug here in Charlottesville, VA last week. Tromped down the road in our East Coast version of a blizzard just to hear him sing. One of my favorites. :)

  • Laura

    I loooove Joe! I saw him several years ago and was just blown away by his talent. I have his new album on vinyl and it’s awesome. My fave song is “ours” :)

  • Juliet

    Is that the Blind Pig? 😉
    Love good scrambled eggs. It’s an art form.

  • Holley

    I hadn’t heard of him – thanks for the intro! That’s some good stuff.

  • carrie @ brick city love

    I think the Internet deserves a drunken St. Patty’s Day carol.

  • Lisa

    Thanks for the intro to Joe. I’m listening to him now. LOVE!!

  • Jake W

    I’ve been looking for some new music and Joe Pug definitely fits the bill. And now I have to go listen to Counting Crows because reasons..

  • Dan

    Hello Kit,i don’t remember how i found this blog,but you’re a freakin riot! I’ve been a self employed cabinet maker for 31 years.I’m on my 2nd old home restoration right now.Imagine my delight when i found this blog!We’re basically the same person,except i drink and curse more.I live in “THE THUMB” and my daughter goes to UM.Looking forward to more hysterics! DAN.

  • Koen @ TownHouseHome

    Flogging Molly, alright! Never thought to see them mentioned on a renovation blog.

    On a side note, you probably don’t know, but over here across the pond a Pug is some kind of abbreviation for a car manufactured by Peugeot (french car manufacturer, I don’t know if you have them over there), so seeing Joe Pug felt kind of… weird. Or maybe funny. I haven’t looked him up yet though.

    Now guess what I’m driving.

    Yep. A Pug (a 607 if you really want to know).

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