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In the Garden (and Kitchen): Green Bean Fry-off

August 15, 2014 | 9 Comments | Uncategorized
DIY diva

There are a lot of things going on in my garden right now. Garlic, and cucumbers, and tomatoes, and peppers, and corn, and green beans. Lots and lots of green beans. I mostly just eat the beans raw, by the handful, whenever I happen to be walking by the garden.

I offered some of these delicious raw beans to my bearded dude once, and he just blinked at me a dozen times before informing me that he only eats beans if there is a lot of garlic, butter, and a frying pan involved. (I haven’t manage to convert him to farm life yet.)

Well, when faced with yet another bushel of beans (not an actual bushel, but you get what I mean) I finally decided that some things were getting done with these beans.


So I pointed at my dude and was like, “You, me, beans, in the kitchen, now. We’re having a fry-off.”  (Lets just be clear that in this scenario, one of us is an ex-military badass who also owns restaurants, and the other one of us has never deep fried anything ever in her life. So. Game on.)

He sent me to store for some weird items that no reasonable person would be able to pronounce or find, which he maintains was necessary for good fried beans, and which I maintain was an intimidation technique. He underestimates my stubbornness.

Here’s how the fry-off went down:

I used a beer-batter recipe I found off the internet, figuring that beer makes everything better, so obviously I would win. Also, it only had two ingredients.

  • Beer (1 cup)
  • Flour (1 cup)
  • Salt & pepper



Meanwhile, across the counter, my dude was Iron Chef-ing some fancy-ass triple-layer batter.


When I asked him to tell me what he did to the green beans so I could put it on the Internet, he was like, “But Babes, I just made it up.”

So I told him to make it up again in his head, dammit, or I win by default. Clearly the man doesn’t understand how blogging works. DOCUMENT EVERYTHING.

What he says he did is this:

  • Dip green beans in seasoned flour (flour, salt, pepper)
  • Then dip them in a batter containing chile paste, egg, corn starch, flour, salt, pepper, buttermilk
  • Then roll in Panko (fancy-ass bread crumbs)


Then we fried them in vegetable oil.




Mine are on the left, his are on the right.

There was also some kind of dip that he made (which was probably the best part of this whole thing) containing: Sour cream, buttermilk, mayo, dill, garlic, and horseradish. I didn’t snap a picture of it because I was too busy shoving my face full of green beans.

Verdict: Mine were good. His had better flavor. (Thankfully he doesn’t read my website so I don’t actually have to admit that to his face.)

Really, honestly, one of the best things about having the garden is having so much produce that you’ve got to get creative with it. And I recommend frying some green beans just for the fun of it.

DIY diva


  • GG

    These look delicious, I know what I’m doing with my next CSA share. Yours were probably better for dipping in his dip… Win-win!

  • Luanne

    They look delicious. I also love to eat green beans raw, they are so good. But when I do I have to say I get funny looks from My Hubby and family.

  • mikey

    I am not really sure, but is it beans will give you arthritis? Btw, good recipe though.

  • Ace

    Nothing like a good fry up!

  • Lucy

    He doesn’t read your website? That’s kind of nice that he doesn’t feel compelled to do that. It’s a sign of self-confidence.

    Green beans aren’t tempting to me for the most part, but your recipes make them sound really good.

    • Kit

      No, when we first started dating I told him about the website, he read a few things and then was like, “you know what, I don’t want to read this because I’d rather get to know you by actually getting to know you.” So, it’s either that or I talk his ear off enough that he doesn’t feel the need to spend more free time with my words 😉

  • Koen @ TownHouseHome

    This is the first time ever I hear about frying beans… I’m baffled!

    • Nine Dark Moons

      I had never heard of them either! Until this past April when Hubby and I saw them on a menu in Hawaii (honeymoon). I had to try them – they were awesome! They looked more like Kit’s and the dipping sauce sounds very similar. Delicious!

  • Guerrina

    Not a huge green bean eater myself – unless smothered with something! Both look good to me. Uhm..ahh..except for chili paste, I have all those ingredients!

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