Happy Birthday from the Farm

So, I’m not naming names here, but it’s possible that someone might have had a birthday in the last week, and while that someone didn’t want any gifts for said birthday, I couldn’t just give her some lame birthday card. We do a lot of stupid shit on this farm, but we don’t do lame, okay?

Instead we did this…


Listen. When your daughter has a farm you will sometimes be asked to watch the farm in the middle of winter and haul ten gallons of water out to the barn in the freezing cold every day. You will be asked to dig holes. To weed gardens. To use your own coat to make a tent around some tender tomato seedlings so they don’t die in a late frost. (Seriously. I didn’t ask for that… it was all her.) You may also be asked to act as a human horse for one project or another…


But you will also get an entire cohort of farm animals to wish you a happy birthday.

Even if there is some question as to which end of the sign is up…


And certain someones may photobomb your pictures…


And one stubborn ass might walk right off set when he disagrees with the creative vision for the shoot…


We’re not perfect, okay? But we’re pretty effing adorable, and, let’s be honest, that’s what counts…


Seriously. They adore her.

Thanks for all the help around here, from everyone on the farm!

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  1. Much to be proud of n Happy Birthday!
    I believe you to be a fine teacher ~ in and out of the classroom 🙂

  2. Happy Birthday Kit’s mom!

    I have that kind of relationship with both of my parents and I DO KNOW how lucky I am. I see you do too, Kit!

    And those “outtake” pictures with the farm animals are AWESOME!

  3. that is some wonderful “furandkids” (read as fur grandkids ) you have there Kit’s Mom! Happy Birthday to a mom we’d all be excited to have.

  4. Yea! Your mom is an Aries….I knew she had to be special to be all the things she is to you!! Love the donkey hugging her pix!

    Happy Birthday, Kit’s mom, and good job with your farm girl! We enjoy your adventures together!!

  5. I’m a little late to the party, but Kit’s mom is awesome! Happy Birthday Mom!

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