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Impossible Things (In Progress)

Just to give you an idea of how my week is going: This morning I did something strange and actually decided to eat breakfast. I…

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For The Record

If there was ever an inquiry regarding my sanity… Them: Please state, for the record, how long your vacuum cleaner was broken… Me: Uh. Six…

For Reals, Cupid: Don’t Make Me Throw a Hammer at You

Yep, the last of today’s series of posts about things that make me laugh is brought to you by a chubby, naked kid with wings….

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Worst Case Scenario: A List I Made at 4AM, Apparently

This post is brought to you by 1.) insomnia, and 2.) twelve months of perspective. This is actually something that has been hanging around in…

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Celebrating The End (Updated)

Let me just say that if the world ends today, it probably wouldn’t be the worst thing that has happened to me this week. Plus,…

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Boldly Going Where No Light Fixture Has Gone Before

So listen, this is what happens when you make a joke to half the Internet about only needing a guy around to wash your dishes…the…

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I Paid For Something Covered In Chicken Poop & Other Things That Make Me Laugh

I’m still working on the plans for Hillside Cottage, but one thing I know for sure is that I won’t have a closet quite the…

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It Is, In Fact, My Favorite Drill

Okay, yes, I do have a slightly unhealthy attachment to my drill. I admit it. Just like I admit you probably shouldn’t get me within…

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Conversation I Had With State Farm

Me: I have a house insured with you, and I need to increase the insured value… we’ve done a little work on it. Insurance Agent:…

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DIY Wrap Up: Things I Didn’t Do Because I Was Sleeping Edition

UPDATE: Now with actual links to the Bob Vila articles (seriously, I have no idea what I’m doing anymore) and the Found Magazine site was…

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Alternate Realities That Include Bob Vila

Do you ever think if you’d taken a right instead of a left at some point in your life you’d be in an entirely different…

This Is Getting Ridiculous

[UPDATE: Everyone, you need to click on the comments link after you read this post and see the song that Holyoke Home wrote for me….

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That Magic Spot

Here’s something that surprised me about going from an old two-story home with small, closed-off rooms, to something decidedly not. An open floor plan in…

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Brilliant/Stupid Stupid/Brilliant

Here’s something I’m good at: using a drill. Here’s something I’m not good at: cleaning. Not even cleaning my tools, which I know is sacrilege……

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Floatation Device Required

Usually when I look at floor plans or fixtures online, I picture them larger in my head then they actually end up being in real…

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