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Everyone in the construction industry around Northwest Ohio and Southeast Michigan just realized it was spring… There’ s no happy medium at the block plant, either we’re dead slow and everyone bitches about hours, or we’re trying to push out nineteen loads a day with only five trucks and no lift driver. Welcome to Spring, kids.And, since the cabinets were 3 weeks early the idea of painting at a leisurely pace has gone right out the window. The good news is that I will probably be moving back in to the house in a couple of weeks. That means I’m in overdrive at work and “home,” but I have to tell you… I love working under pressure.

As for pictures, who wouldn’t want to skip across their bathroom floor to the shower and feel like they’re on the yellow (ok cream colored) brick road?

Bathroom Floor

I also worked feverishly on the walls this weekend (which is to say, Sunday, because we’re back to 6 day work weeks) at about 9 pm Sunday night I threw my brush down in exasperation because the bathroom walls weren’t turning out quite right… Then Billy came over and said he loved the walls (I was not convinced) But I took a look at them yesterday in the daylight, and I actually think they might turn out alright… I only wish I had finished them on Sunday now. You can kind of see the swirls in this picture, but it’s hard to catch on camera.

Bathroom walls

(The technique I used for painting is described here, if you’re interested. I’m not a pro or anything, just a girl with a paintbrush.)

And what could be more charming (and indulgent)in this bathroom than claw feet, I ask?

Bathroom clawfoot done

And a cozy little throne tucked under an archway.

bath toilet- almost done

And in keeping with the vintage but indulgent theme, I love the wall mounted faucets (although I may need to put a little tile up there) and the freestanding cabinet with a vessel sink. (That’s part of the stained glass sitting in the sink, which is why it looks so colorful).

Bath sink- almost done

The cabinet was $100 from pier one, painted and tiled on top with a cut-out for the drain.

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