Wheelbarrow, Sledgehammer, & High Heels.

The wheelbarrow saga…You have to understand, I didn’t even have a good starting place when it came to tearing down that concrete pad, but I did know the first thing I was going to need was a wheelbarrow.


Unfortunately, assembling a wheelbarrow is not as easy as one might think, considering it’s not much more that a bucket, a wheel, and a couple of handles.

At one point I was incredibly stuck…


Which for a moment dashed my dreams of being The Concrete Destroyer for the weekend. Then my new best friend stepped in to help…


Let me tell you, I’m okay with a regular hammer, below average with a shovel, but crap if I’m not aces with a sledge hammer. The wheelbarrow didn’t stand a chance, and then I got started on this baby.

busted up concrete

My neighbors pretty much got a kick out of me whacking away at that all day Saturday, which I managed to do relentlessly, even with a 3 maragrita hangover. Even more impressive than that was my mother who took care of this…

bags of leaves

The last six bags of leaves from that mountain of them that has been the bane of my existance for the last two months. I think that makes 11 or 12 bags total. The impressive part of this is not that she bagged six leaves AND helped me move a thousand pounds of firewood into the garage, but that she did it all in THESE…

Moms work shoes

Who deliberately does yard work in three-inch platform sandals? My mom. That’s who. Don’t mess with her, people.

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