Not as Badass as I would like…

…but even I am human.


On one hand, I do love having a healthy active social life… on the other hand, this generally takes me away from my projects and power tools. So this weekend wasn’t as productive as the last few have been, but we did manage to get a little work done on the Pergola. Got the 2×6 up in back and started measuring out where the roof slats are going to go. Moms had surgery on her shoulder the day before this… you can see it really slowed her down.

Mom lifting roof slat

Those 2×6’s are going to be notched a couple of inches to fit down over the lattice piece. As far as attaching it goes, the jury is still out as to whether I just j use a big-ass deck screw and screw down from the top, glue it (the notches will hold pretty tight by themselves), or try something rigged up with the air-nailer. What I really need is like a double-sided nail… do they make those?

Anyway we ran into a little problem with the spacing, which we ingeniously solved with the decorative copper spindle you see on the left.


Papa brought up a good point Sunday though, which is that the 2×4 all of these roof-slat 2×6’s are resting on may start to bow over time. I debated for a long time about whether or not to use a 2×6 there, but aesthetically the 2×4’s look better. Crap. Papa then said to attach another 2×4 to the back of it to give it more support. Not at all a bad idea, but they are centered on that other little piece of 2×4 and I don’t (aesthetically) have room to attach another 2×4 to the back of it. It’s going to take a little pondering.

TUESDAY: 3 up, 8 to go…

Okay, I’m done whining about my full and active life… but that’s only because I got to hole up in my house last night with my power tools. As penance for my unproductive weekend I put up two more 2×6’s last night. That means only 8 more…

Pergola with roof- not set

(The three on the left are the set ones… spacing etc is off on the rest right now.)

Tried to brighten it up a bit so you can see the notching. Ever since I cut out those wooden gears for that clock I’ve become a champion notch-cutter.

While I was standing up on the ladder banging at these, the neighbors on the other side of the privacy fence were having a party. They kept calling up to me “Heeeyyyyy, you want a margarita?” “Heeeeeyyyyyy, your turn to do a shot!” They were very entertaining. I was like “Heeeeyyyyy, do you want me to fall off this ladder and break my neck?” Alcohol and power tools don’t mix.

My house is still a Master Disaster and I’m trying to get a grip on it, so my plan is to alternate nights after work this week either putting up a few 2×6’s or shoveling the junk out of a room or two.  

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  1. I’ve just started reading your blog from the beginning and I have to say that so far – your mom rocks.

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