Just about had my fill of stick tiles…

But that isn’t to say the progress isn’t remarkable.

Before the basement was a workshop:
Basement Util Before 2

The “I took this picture after a glass of wine” shot of the workshop area:
Basement Util Done 2


Voila! Stick-tile heaven!

I’ll get a shot of the workbench etc. etc. after I’m actually finished. There’s only about 30 of 300 sq ft to go, but they happen to be the 30 that are located under the washer and dryer. I took a night off to update and play around with the site since six consecutive days of stick tiles is enough already.

There has been some real genuine thought going into which project comes next:

  • An attempt at electrocuting myself (basement lighting)
  • Slowly turning into a smurf (painting the office blue)
  • Indulging my witchy side (Finishing some crooked brooms!)
  • Continuing my reign as the Queen of Tile (ceramic this time)
  • Or suffocating myself in an exponentially expanding mountain of laundry (you don’t even want to see the spare bedroom, believe me, sorting that out is a project)

If any of you out there in blogland have any feelings about this, such as, “ah, well, I really haven’t a picture of anyone who stuck their finger in a light socket recently, that might be interesting” just let me know, I take everything under consideration.

And before I sign off, I just want to give all the wonderful housebloggerswho have been stopping by a shout out. I have been mentally reaching through the computer screen to strangle wordpress/blogger since there is a problem with the OpenIDs and I can’t comment on a lot of Blogger sites that don’t allow anonymous comments. I’ve seen some fabulous projects out there though, it’s like heaven for a Project ADD person such as myself. Love it!

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  1. Looks great! Good luck with the ceramic; I just had my kitchen done. Think I may try doing the bathroom myself. 🙂

  2. Oh man, I HATE dealing with the stick tiles! My puppy worried the edge up on one in the laundry room (that turned into 10 when I didn’t take care of it right away) and the replacement was a huge project!

    It looks so much better down there! It brightens up the space quite a bit.

  3. I vote paint the office. I stared at my sticky tiles in disgust last night wondering why I just didn’t rip them out when I practically destroyed everything else.

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