Now THAT’S a color.


It’s hard to capture paint color at night (or ever) with a camera, so I’ll give you the with- and without-flash shots both to give a better idea of what is going in the office. Just squint your eyes a little and pretend it doesn’t look black.


It’s not black. It’s what Behr paints likes to call “Peaceful Night.” And I have to admit that even though I’ve done this several times, painting a bold color on the wall definitely takes a certain amount of, um, courage. Especially before the first coat of paint dries and you are standing there with a blue streak down one size of your face getting high off paint fumes looking at this…


… and at that point the only coherent thought your brain can come up with is ‘holyfuckingshit.’ Because you just spent $35 and 2 hours to paint a room in your house flourescent blue.

Or maybe that’s just me.

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  1. man, i’ve been there. when we painted both the yellow room and the green room we stood there transfixed…and cussing. but after everything was dry, and we were drunk, it worked.

    isn’t blue supposed to calm a person?!

  2. Don’t worry, that was first-coat only. After the third it was a nice rich dark blue. Sometimes I think I should prime black under these things to keep from having a panic attack before the second coat goes on!

  3. LOL!!! GF , I feel your pain! I’ve been mentally putting a blog together over the past few weeks that discusses the same thing…lol No matter how much experience I have with painting, or how many times I’ve used a particular color, I go through that “OMG! What the @$%@@!! have I DONE?????!!!!” thing EVERY, SINGLE, EFFING time I paint a room. ROFL! Have you seen the Home Depot commercial where the chick goes in to the paint deartment and her hairs sticking up on end and the employee says” I know just what you’re going through.” ? I LOVE that commercial….ROFL

  4. Once, way back in 1995, I painted a room red. Two coats of paint, no primer, full coverage. Ten years later, 2 coats of gray primer and so many coats of latex my walls were rubberized I could still see brush strokes.

    Now I’m old and I can’t see for shit so it’s back to light colors for me, but I notice if you spend a lot of money the paint will cover in two coats again.

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