In a typical week: I spend between 15-20 hours working on some project or another, unless I’ve got a major overhaul going on somewhere in the house.

I read at least two books.

I dream up at least 3 new projects.

I do, on average, zero loads of laundry.

I go to the grocery store at least once.

I go out somewhere with MysteryMan twice.

Lately I watch at least one football game. (Or I pretend to as I sit on the couch and read my book.)

I cook (as in, more than mac and cheese) twice.

I take, on average, 32,000 steps, which is less than half as many as I should take.

I break at least one nail.

Lately I send my resume out to at least seven companies.

I ask, on average, 1572 questions.

I watch at least one DVD.

I drink, on average, 21 bottles of water, five bottles of beer, two glasses of red wine, and three cups of hot chocolate. And absolutely nothing else.  

Lately I look at up to 50 available lots of land for sale in the mountains online.

I check my email 85 times.

I make up at least one song about my cats and sing it to them.

I sleep 56 hours.

I spend a total of 2.5 hours doing my hair.

I use 3 different brands of power tools.

I spend $30 on having my house cleaned.

I visit Home Depot once.

I watch zero hours of prime time television.

I really, really, enjoy my life.

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  1. Good point Aaron.

    I also for to add how much time I spend actually writing these posts. And how much time I speed reading all the blogs I subscribe to… which are about 5 minutes, 2 hours, and 7 hours respectively. 😛

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