Recycling Cabinet Progress Overseen by Harold the Critic

I’ve been letting an idea about the lid for my recycling cabinet marinate in my brain for a little while. Do you ever get the feeling that your brain is smarter than you are? Sounds like a contradiction, I know, but a lot of times I just kind of shove a few fragments of thoughts I’ve had into a corner up there and let them rattle around for a little while… three or four days later while I’m clipping my toenails *bang* a full blown idea appears.

I’ve been doing that a lot lately with the wine rack and dovetail joints. And the lid for my recycling cabinet… you won’t see it again until it is finished, but I’ll give you a few snippets of what I’ve got going on before I introduce you to Harold.

Drillmaster: That’s Me.

Exactly 84 holes… why? You’ll have to wait to find out.

Mystery Parts. It looks like something fun is going on here, though, doesn’t it?

While I was doing all of this, mind you, I was under serious scrutiny. It became apparent as I was sitting here with my beloved miter saw.


I heard a noise over to my right…. was that a scoff of disbelief? Derision? Astonishment that I work in my shop barefoot?

Hey. Hey you!

You gotta problem with girls who use powertools?!

Please let me introduce you all to Harold, who has been looking over my shoulder at my work all day. I do not respond well to that kind of pressure Harold!

I called MysteryMan as soon as I saw him. By the time I hung up the phone I was all “Okay, Harold and I have to get back to work now.” And I actually heard MysteryMan think Dear God, she’s given it a name.

Welcome to my life people. Welcome to my life.

P.S. There is going to be all sorts of fun going on around here now as I have been assigned the task of painting a mural in a 50 ft long hallway. Did you know I could paint? More details soon…

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  1. I know where you’re going with this… 😉

    I have a project right now that would definitely benefit from the use of a miter saw. Excuse enough to buy one? Yeah, but the money just isn’t in the budget right now. 🙁

  2. OOO!!! I have a guess! I think I know what your lid will look like, and it will be SO COOL!

    Glad you have a partner now… working alone can be so lonely.

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