Mother nature decided to cut us a break here in Ohio, and the last four days have been so beautiful I almost feel human again. MysteryMan and I even ate outside on the patio last night, and I didn’t have to wear seventeen layers and earmuffs to be comfortable.

It was so beautiful out in fact, that I was inspired to… gasp!… clean something.

And honestly, I don’t mind cleaning when it’s like, a project. It’s the little daily maintenance stuff that doesn’t interest me unless I’m on a project hiatus and my brain cells are going insane from boredom.

But this… this was a project.

Picture 010

Not only was there no possible way to walk from one end of the garage to the other without mauling yourself on some piece of equipment or table or tool of some sort, put apparently every mouse in a 5 mile radius decided to come over and have a mid-winter Marti Gras. My entire garage was covered in the remnants of bird seed and smelled like a hamster cage. Awesome.

Since MysteryMan has been turning his brain to mush by studying for the 8 hour PE Exam he is taking on Friday, I tackled this project on my own. And believe it or not, 4 hours later, it was like a whole new garage. Almost like someplace you could fit a whole car in.

Picture 012

Huh. Imagine that.

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  1. Oh that looks so much better! Our basement is starting to look like your “before” picture. I’m in need of some metal shelves to get it all organized.

  2. You need to come finish our garage! I STARTED this project… a bit more in our garage, though. Ah, well. It looks great… nice and organized.

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