June has grabbed my little part of Ohio in her sweaty fists and dropkicked us right into the middle of summer. Thus ends the three days of moderate temperatures that constitue “Spring” in the City of Trees.

Along with the potential for endless days of frizzy hair (seriously, find me the buzzer) the heat, humidity and sunshine has brought one good thing to Garrison Road… my garden is showing a little bit of color!




I’ve been on a kick with only buying edible plants this year, which so far include a blackberry bush, grape vine, tomato plant, bell pepper plant, and the strawberries you see above. All planted in containers, and, come to think of it, all purchased by MysteryMan. And I’m trying a little something new and attempting to grow some beans, carrots, and peppers from seeds. (Which, speaking of, have you ever seen a carrot seed? I’m going to be absolutly shocked if actual carrots grow from those things, I don’t care what it says on the package.) The beans are making some progress though…


We’ll see if I inherited enough of a green thumb from the generations of farmers and gardeners that I come from to actually see some beans from these, or even like a stalk and some leaves would be pretty exciting at this point.

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