Hopefully the last time in my life I have to rip up stink carpet.

So, I’m not sure when in life there actually was enough hours in the day for me to get done everything I wanted to get done, but I can tell you this… last week didn’t even come close.

It probably didn’t help that in the last 10 days, MysteryMan’s sister, my dad, my grandpa, MysteryMan’s grandma, my uncle, and MysteryMan’g god-daughter all had birthdays. Oh, and my good friend Erin had a birthday as well, who- God love her- is basking in the sun somewhere in Myrtle Beach right now.

MysteryMan and I, on the other hand, spend the weekend bathing in dust and stink, respectively.

What happened was that while I was at the Memorial House watching MysteryMan get to do this:


The bright green living-room carpet suddenly became a blight on my existance that could no longer be withstood.

memorial house 004

And really, I just wanted to DO something in that house. Other than douse the bathroom in a gallon of bleach, the inside of the house has basically remained untouched, and frankly, one-project-at-a-time rule or no, it was time.

And also… it stunk.


Goodbye stink carpet (I’m getting to be a pro at getting rid of stink carpet) hello wood floors. And on top of unearthing wood floors, I also uncovered a new more mysteriously nasty smell eminating from the carpet pad. Why oh why do people put carpet in houses?

MysteryMan took a break from his excavation, walked in the house and was all, “Ummm…” And I looked up from removing the third of five-hundred staples that were used to make sure the carpet pad wasn’t beamed up by aliens, pointed my scredriver at him menacingly and said, “The carpet had to GO.” Being both handsome and smart, he backed out slowly and quietly and went back to digging holes in the yard.

And just as soon as he tells me the roof won’t collapse when I knock out that archway, it’s going. This house is going to have wide open spaces.

Meanwhile, back at the bat cave…

Garrison Road has been getting a little attention too, in the form of a new not-crumbling-to-shit front porch.

I’m not going to tell you that when I came home one day to see this…


… that I didn’t feel a little bit faint.

But MysteryMan’s guys did a good job for me.


It also probably didn’t hurt that, hey, I’m the bosses daughter.

Since we’ve got a long weekend coming up, I’ll probably spend some time installing a new railing. Well, if someone ever gets the guys back here to put in a step this week, that is. Ah-hem.

And since we finally got the metal roof ordered, hopefully very soon I’ll have all sorts of fun stories about surviving the 15 foot drop off the roof of the gas station. Because you know, that’s how I roll.

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3 Responses

  1. But I like the arch! I love arches… I’m even thinking about putting one INTO our house instead of the open space between kitchen and living room! And… it’s probably structural…

    The green carpet DID have to go… you are lucky there were no tack strips under it!! The floor looks great underneath, too… shouldn’t be too big of a refinishing job.

  2. I effing HATE carpet! Our whole house is carpeted and it too stinks. Carpet is just filthy, filthy, filthy.
    I’ve ripped it out of two rooms, and despite that the wood floors underneath are going to need extensive work ( the wood floor in the living room and all the way up the stairs is covered in ancient, black, carpet glue…..) it still looks way better than icky, stinky carpet.
    Having never refinished wood floors before, I would love your thoughts and solutions to the glue situation. Its not a project I’m looking forward to………. 🙁

  3. Wow your floors look great. There is something about ripping up carpet that makes you breath better, and the world a better place.

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