My Favorite Things & Zen Laundry Room Part II

I got in my car after work the other day, put my computer bag in the passenger seat, and then started laughing hysterically. Who on earth carries in their vehicle:


1.) Etsy computer tote, complete with laptop and actual (mostly) fun work. (You know you want one, so check out Janine King Designs on etsy.)

2.) Camera bag, complete with Nikon.

3.) Drill case, complete with Makita and drool stains because I still get slackjawed when I see it.

4.) MysteryMan’s drill bit set, complete with MysteryMan’s drill bits. (What?! He’s got my jigsaw in his truck right now, so fair’s fair.)

5.) Hammer. (Not pictured.)

That’s a snapshot of my life right there. Add MysteryMan and a couple of cats, and my existance would be complete.

In the spirit of honesty I don’t always carry around that many tools, but I was in the midst of helping my Badass-hatchet-weilding-condo-buying-Mother turn this…


…. into something less likely to make your gag reflex kick in. When were those cabinets actually in style?

Also, note the lack of the use of a level when installing the washer and dryer and/or cabinets. For serious, people.

So climbing behind the washer to level the back feet out, when I only had about an eight-inch space to squeeze in to, was the first time in DIY history that 8 years of dance and 8 years of martial arts actually came in handy.

Because not many people who weild powertools with a vengence can have one foot flat on the ground and one foot flat on the top of a dryer at the same time.


(This picture was followed closely by the words, “Ummmmm…Mom?! It’s entirely possible I can’t get out from here.” Thank you, hip joints, who are rapily approaching thirty along with me.)

The reason that I had to lug half of my workshop over to moms for the simple task of removing butt-ugly cabinets and installing a nice shelf is because on my first attempt I was all, “Okay mom, where’s your tape measure?”

And she was all, “Tape measure?

So I was like, “Okay, do you have any drill bits then?”

And she was like, “Drill bits?”

Then my eyebrows shot up so high I almost fell of the washing machine, and I’m like, “DO YOU AT LEAST HAVE A HAMMER?”

And she started laughing because, no, she doesn’t have a hammer. And I’m thinking, woman, how did you ever birth a child that turned out like me? Holy hell, I know what she’s getting for Christmas this year.

But don’t worry people, even without half of the necessary tools, we managed to turn make-me-vomit-crooked-cabinets into a fairly zen laundry room.


Eh? Not bad for having scotch tape, a paperclip, and a bottle of hairspray to work with.

Just wait til you see what we’re doing with the coffee table!


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5 Responses

  1. Wow. If I could get my leg up that high, I would be a happy woman. (I’m referring to being physically fit, of course. Not eluding to anything else. 😉 )

    As for your stash, I wouldn’t mind having the makita and the nikon taking up my carseat.

  2. Yikes. MacGyver!

    Did you also disable the bomb with your pocket knife and dryer lint?


    Nice job. Your mom is like my mom. Ask her if she has tools, she doesn’t know and she doesn’t care.


  3. Oh…….I always have all sorts of tools and work stuff and art supplies in my car. A prybar comes in handy when you lock your self out of your house.

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