Country Livin’ & A Big WOO HOO

I laugh at the title of this post because I may be the last person on the face of the planet from whose mouth you would ever seriously hear the words “woo hoo” shouted. Except for maybe my boss Ed. (Hi Ed.)

However, this is the Internet and I can do what I want. And if anything ever deserved an all-caps WOO HOO, it’s this…


Finished. Roof.

I actually like the way it looks better from this angle. Without the yuck dryvit.


Now there are windows and doors and the san andreas fault of concrete cracks in the floor to think about, and since one project is finished I’m almost allowed to talk about all of that starting….now. But I’ll hold off so someone doesn’t start steaming from the ears.

Speaking of… MysteryMan was so excited to be done withthe roof he dragged the big crates out of the gas station and on to the fire pit. At which point I spotted this sticker.


This is not just a roof. It’s a COOL ROOF. (Do not mix with uncoolness.)

So. You can look at this picture and see the potential for a lot of things going wrong. There’s really only one word to describe it.




So we did what any good country folk would do… got out the doritos and a lighter.







There are other areas of the country where a sense of peace and calmness still rule the land.


back at the raging inferno….




MysteryMan demonstrates his Xmen powers by resisting the scorching heat, and using his superfasthands to open a bottle of champagne.



Because why shouldn’t we drink bubbly out of dixie cups to compliment our nacho cheese dip? I hear that’s how they do it in the country.



Well, when in the country…. nothing like a big ass normal sized bonfire to entice people to stop by.


So this is country livin’. I though it was all shovels and tractors and splinters. Silly me.

I’m totally in.

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  1. Nice job on the roof. I don’t have that type of courage. No fear of heights, just fear that the wife would kill me if I tried it.

    I gotta ask, did you do the ABC roof? Looks a lot like our packaging (which I didn’t burn, but then I’m in the city, where we burn tree branches and pretend it’s a “Bar-b-q”) did.


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