This post is a lesson in “be very careful what you wish for.” For example, if you frequently write posts in your blog about DIY projects and how you like to wield powertools with a vengeance, and then have a really crappy start to the new year, and then try several times to write new posts for said blog, but find that you really have no great DIY material to speak of… don’t wish that you had a good DIY project to blog about. Because if you do, one morning you will wake up and walk into your kitchen that has already exploded once, and you’ll hear the ominous plop, plop, plop of dripping water, and then you’ll up see this…


Oh, gods of DIY, you jest.

Two of my least favorite DIY projects involve the roof, and drywalling… but it looks like you’ll be seeing me do both in short order. Sweet Jesus may this be the very last time I walk into a kitchen and see water dripping from the ceiling in the middle of the room. At least this time it was external water and not the horrifying alternative

However, there is a bright side, which is that I intended to start fixing Garrison Road up for sale this year, and there were a couple of odds and ends in the kitchen that needed to be tied up… and a new coat of paint was in order, all of which will be happening sooner rather than later now. So. This will be a fun way to spend the next several weeks.

Also fun? Dressing cats up in feather boas.


What? He likes it.

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