Weekend Excursion

Four days is pretty much the absolute maximum time I like to be away from home. I love my house, I love my cats, I love working, I love my stuff. My stuff is here. Which about sums up my attitude about vacations.

The only thing that doesn’t keep me holed up at home 24-7-365 is that with the constant connection to work, projects, and the internet… it’s nearly impossible to tune everything out and relax. And I like to relax approximately 6 days out of the year, which explains some things about me, doesn’t it?

So as far as short quick vacations goes, this was about perfect.

Many thanks to my boss (and let’s just refer to him as The Boss from now on, since he does drop by here occasionally and he really enjoys it when I refer to him as such in person) for this little treat that was waiting for us on our arrival.


As soon as the sun set we took the wine down to the beach and drank from the bottle while telling funny stories and listening to the surf.

For breakfast it was Bloody Mary’s on the beach…


Then we lazed by the pool for hours until we were nicely crispy…


Sunday we strolled around the beach, which had quite a bit of attitude.


Saw some little critters…


And tried to see things from their perspective.


To be honest, it wasn’t that much different from my perspective.


The hybiscus there were doing much better than the ones surrounding the memorial house.


Then the setting sun…


And the picture I just couldn’t get without a tripod.


Damn. It would have been a good one.

And that was about the size of it.

The weather was perfect, the drinks were good, the food was okay, and the bed was hard as hell. So I was happy to be there and then happy to be home. You can’t beat that, can you?


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5 Responses

  1. Looks like you had a great time! I’m liking all the pictures! One side note though in the future you might want to invest in a lens with vibration reduction. You probably could have gotten the last shot if you had it. I <3 VR.

  2. Robin, thanks for the lens advice. I’ve been thinking about getting another one for about a year but I haven’t taken the plunge yet. Given my penchant for low light photography I’m putting vibration reduction on my list of must haves.

  3. Found you! (OnceblueLiz) It’s ‘dreemweever’ from Xanga days. Glad I found your new blog. Can’t wait to see what you’ve been up to!

  4. Ooo… fabulous trip. I want to be there now! Makes me miss our honeymoon to Costa Rica. I’ll have to get back down somewhere around there soon.

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