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As you can imagine, I used the long weekend to my advantage, working 10 hour days between the Memorial House and Garrison Road. I actually spent quite a lot more time at Garrison than I have been lately, because MysteryMan and I have about reached that stage in the “consolidating our lives” program.

That’s right… it’s sellin’ time.

I know the housing market is crap, but it is picking up a bit, and I do live in an absolutely adorable neighborhood. The people across the street (whose house isn’t nearly as awesome as mine… not that I’m biased) just sold their place in two months for $10k more than they bought it for three years ago.

Not that I want to sell this place in two months. Six to eight months would be great. First, because we have nowhere else to live. And it’s not that family wouldn’t let us shack up with them, it’s that half-demolishing and rebuilding a house is enough stress on a relationship, and shit if we’ll be able to add “living with our parents” on top of that and survive it. So we’re working on a plan B. And secondly, it is appropriately terrifying for me to sell my house, and I need to do it in stages okay?

Stage one is getting it into a shape that is, oh, say, hospitable to people who like trim around their doorways. I started by finishing the trim in the kitchen, fixing the big drywall crack, and giving the whole room a fresh coat of paint. And that was just Sunday.

Looks warm and inviting doesn’t it?




(Uh, yeah, that window still needs some help.)

But not bad, considering that when I bought the place, it looked like this…

kitchen before

nook before

Yes, there is a word for it…


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  1. Another word (well, two) is: ay caramba! The new kitchen looks great (dark materials for my tastes, but great, and the cabinet style is basically what I just installed except in maple), and I love the eating area.

    But no, I’m not in the market for a new house. Good luck!

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