Explosives: Not just for kids anymore.

This weekend we worked hard and then decided playing equally hard was also in order, so we got into the patriotic spirit a little early.

My good friend E decided what we really needed was some sparklers, and what I decided was that we also needed to capture this on film (figuratively.) This is the kind of fun you can have with objects on fire and overriding the shutter on your camera.


E was pretty good at “sparkler cursive” which is a lot harder than it looks on camera, as evidenced by the fact that after I saw this picture I was like “let me do mine!” and determinedly spelled out the letters K-I-T, which showed up on film like this…


Apparently in my sparkler cursive, KIT also looks a lot like POO.

I was much better at abstract ideas, like turning E into an angel…


Heveanly, isn’t she?

Then, with Santa as our witness we set off some bottle rockets…

Along with some other explosives that I imagine anywhere else we would be arrested for lighting on the road… but not in the country.


Ah, well… all kinds of things sound like a good idea after midnight around a bonfire.

Photography Note: On the Nikon D40 you can go to manual shutter by putting the camera in M mode, pushing the info button, and the scrolling the click wheel all the way to the left until it says “bulb” and then “–“. If you have a remote (I have the ML-L3) the “–” setting allows you to open the shutter on the first push, and close it on the second. (You’ll also have to go to Menu > Shooting Mode > Quick Response Remote, to enable the remote.)

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