Who Needs Walls?

It’s big, functional, and decorated naturally… who needs an addition? Our work here is done.


Ok, perhaps not so good when it rains, but it worked great for a Fourth of July cookout. You can see we had several different cooking stations, and MysteryMan successfully grilled a brisket (over 8 hours) in the “oven.”


Lucky we didn’t remove the stump yet, or how would we have cut the meat?


You may also have taken note of the fancy little table in the dining area. I built that picnic table (with separate benches, which was at MysteryMan’s request) last week, and I’ll post plans for it soon.

There was only one little half-inch “measure once, cut twice” issue on one of the benches which I intended to clear up sometime after people we actually sitting on it. MysteryMan, on the other hand, bought a 372 piece set of Miracle Blade cooking knives set earlier in the day, and at some point must have been reading the brochure about how a Miracle Blade can cut through a shoe, and the thought occured to him — you can almost picture the lighbulb dinging on– what about a 2×4?


No joke.


My eyeballs only bugged out of my head a little when I saw him hacking at my handiwork with a kitchen knife, but shit if that thing didn’t cut through the wood like butter.


Meanwhile, my badass-hatchet-weilding-mother and I made a salad by going right out to my garden, picking some lettuce, rinsing it off, and putting it in a bowl, which was a little surreal, but good all the same.


And of course it was the Fourth of July, so we felt obligated to blow some things up.


MysteryMan let us know more than once that these were “Class C” fireworks. And what he means by “Class C” is “not effing around.”


Hey look! Enough explosive power to destroy a small air fleet!

And since you know I definitely only post thing to this website for the greater good of mankind, and not for my own personal amusement… here is my Public Service Announcement for the day.

Kids? Do. Not. Do. This. At. Home.

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  1. Looks like a great time. Nice work on the brisket and the bench.

    Please forgive my one suggestion. I note that I saw lighter fluid in one pic. I’m hoping you guys were killing yellow jackets with it. Otherwise, as a favor to me (and yourselves) get a charcoal chimney. They’re cheap, and they light coals in about half the time with NO nasty petroleum flavors or smells. That means you get better tasting food much faster. All it takes is two pieces of newspaper. If you don’t agree, I will personally bring you 2 2″ porterhouses from my favorite butcher.

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