Old & Good

I hate the phrase “old but good” which seems to imply that those two things should be mutually exclusive and it’s a rarity when they’re not. I hope in my life all things get better as they age. Like this…


Not as useful as it might have been once, but it certainly tells a better story these days.


This barn has been in MysteryMan’s family for a couple of generations. His grandparents owned it and then passed it on to his aunt, who is our neighbor.

It was practically begging me to crawl around inside and take some pictures.


There are some hidden treasures in there and a lot of character all around.


We had a bit of a country summer weekend, working at the house and eating copius amounts of sweet corn.


I learned a trick from MysteryMan’s grandpa. You take the ear of corn straight off the stalk, and pop it in the microwave (husk, silk and all) for 3 minutes. It’ll come out piping hot, but when it cools…



We use a garlic-cinnamon-cajun butter on it, and my Mom who was so-so about sweet corn until this weekend, totally fell in love. I myself can probably count on one hand the number of ears of corn I’d eaten in my life before I met MysteryMan. Now? If I haven’t eaten a dozen in a week, good lord, the earth may stop spinning on its axis.

And for an afternoon snack?


I thought the hornworms ate every last tomato, but it was a pleasant surprise to find a bunch looking ripe. I can eat these straight off the vine, with a little salt and maybe a sprig of basil.

The country is no small pain in my ass sometimes, but when it comes to food? Seek and it shall provide.

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  1. We have had a helluva time with fruit rotting on the vine this year. It’s been very hard on the ‘maters Basil, however, is slow bolting. We may (MAY) want to raincheck the salsa-off as we ate most of our own product and the cool nights are slowing ripening down fast.

    Then again, a couple of warm days and nights and we could be back up to snuff.

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