One Step at a Time: Refinishing Continues

Spending some quality time sitting on the basement steps waxing philosophic about life and/or paintchips has become a part of my daily routine over the last week or so. Overall I’ve switched from the heat gun to the orbital sander, which isn’t to say I didn’t receive yet another burn on my hand today, because seriously? My life is no longer complete if there isn’t skin blistering painfully on one of my knuckles. But enough about me.

I had one step left that hadn’t been touched yet, so I decided to make an example of it.

The step before- wallowing in it’s battleship-gray glory:

After being stripped down and having its soul bared via heat gun:

What’s next? Well hello there beautiful:

Add this one to the list of power tools Ricky’s never going to see again. Did you read that Dad? From my Cold. Dead. Hands.

And the step after that invigorating exfoliation from the orbital sander:

You know I couldn’t help myself and had to bust out the stain, just to see how it would take:

Seriously? When I’m done these might be the prettiest basement steps ever seen on a house this side of eighty.

Remember kids: Heat gun, sander, stain, and seal. Rinse and repeat as necessary ’til you’ve washed that battleship gray (or better yet, avocado green) right out of your lives!

I'm not interested in a mediocre life. I'm here to kick ass or die.