Miniature Donkeys: Small, smart, and ALL MINE

Okay, not quite all mine yet, but  let’s start at the beginning.

MysteryMan and I spent the last five days having a great time, with great friends in one Great (big) State, all of which I’ll tell you about later because I’ve got more important things to discuss at the moment. MINIATURE DONKEYS.

We originally planned our trip to Texas with food, friends, and music in mind. But MysteryMan had the best idea ever when he suggested we rent a car for a day and drive a few hours south to see his Aunt on her little ranch. Do I really need to tell you what also lives on that ranch?


These guys.

I have tons of wonderful things to say about MysteryMan’s Aunt, her place, and her little menagerie of animals, but I have limited time, and way too many pictures to do it justice right now. Suffice it to say, MM and I think she lives in a little slice of heaven.

For now, let me introduce you to a few special someones though…

A few weeks ago we got word that a new Jenny (that’s a female donkey for the uninitiated) was born, and that she’d be a perfect candidate for coming to live with us in Spring.

Meet PJ:


(Did you just die of The Cute? If not, you will before this post is done)

We’re not sure if she’ll keep the name PJ when she comes here, but she’s currently named after MysteryMan’s aunt, since they share a birthday.

We stayed one night with the donkeys and couldn’t believe it when we woke up in the morning to a newborn baby donkey from one of the pregnant Jennets. Talk about fateful timing.


This baby girl is only a few hours old. And we think the fact that she was born on the one day we were there is a sign that she is meant for us as well.


The fact that we could walk up to the baby just hours after she was born is a testament to the gentle nature of these donkeys. If you’ve been around DIYdiva long enough you know that since MysteryMan planted the seed of expanding our family with mini-donkeys in my mind a couple of years ago I’ve been fairly well obsessed with the idea.

I’ll also admit to being a bit nervous about it, since I don’t have any experience raising or caring for any kind of animals that have, well, hooves, for starters. Plus a horse tried to kill me once, and that’s something that will make you a little leery of anything equine-ish, even if they’re under 3 feet tall.

So I was riddled with insecurities about whether or not the donkeys would be standoffish, or, say, prone to using people as target practice for those lethal kicks.

And then I met this bunch. They sure look stuck-up and mean, don’t they?


You can see by the fact that PJ is staring adoringly at MysteryMan that the donkeys haven’t taken to him AT ALL.

The interesting thing about donkeys is that they are simultaneously curious and calm. They don’t run madly up to greet you, but they’ll always mosey over to see what you’re up to. Even if you don’t have treats.


They are always aware of their surroundings, and provide a willing audience to any human shenanigans…


(As far as composition goes, this photo sucks… but I can’t help but love the attitude of this crew as they watched us play with PJ)

And they each have their own personalities. This Jenny was posing for the camera…


While this one made it clear that I was taking too many pictures, and not paying enough attention to her.


She just wanted a hug. (Yeah, it’s an unflattering and out-of-focus picture of me but it illustrates just how lovable, and funny, these creatures are.)


Even PJ doesn’t discriminate on who she makes friends with…


I mean, how can you NOT love them?

Now feel free to fall out of your chair with the overwhelming amount of adorable you’ve just been exposed to.

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  1. Are you just going to raise them as pets? Are you going to breed and sell? What are you going to do with them? And I want one now too!!!

  2. Damn…I’m pretty sure my teeny-weeny NYC apartment would not be a good living environment for these little guys. Double damn. Loving the blog, btw. Just discovered it this morning & what with The Cute and MM and power tools, I am a fan.

  3. just stared looking in to tiny donkeys. made my day with your storey.looking to buy a small horse farm in nj.before i buy a female gray horse need a mini donkey jennet to keep my little gray!!!!!! thank u for listening to me. my dad died last june. having a hard time dealing with it. thank u 1 more time….. adriene

  4. I have a very unusual request. My Pastor asked me if I could locate a mini-donkey for our Palm Sunday service. We are located in Newton Mass. Do you know of anyone in Eastern Mass who has a Mini-donkey they would “rent” to us or loan? I have been working on this search for over a month and haven’t found anything. I find these crritters very sweet and they look like alot of fun.Thank you–Marian Reynolds

  5. We have inherited a cupola min. donkeys, one pregnant. We call them Jack and Jill. Right now they are across the road on a neighbors 10 acres while I put up a fence on our five acres. Just finished putting in posts and getting ready to fence (that’s how I came across your site looking for fence info) Since you are adapt at fencing how about a quick trip to West Texas (Hudspeth county) and some quick lessons on about 1500 feet, I’ll take it from there?
    We live (wife & me 71&74)on a hill in the mountains, so we are calling it Donkey Doo Hill, with the Mrs. as proprietor, owner, and mother of two new boarders (they do like to eat a lot) and forewoman of the head Jackass that gets to do everything that involves work.
    Looking forward to the newborn and hope to get them across the road by months end.

    Jim and Anne Sparks
    Donkey Doo, Texas
    Hudspeth County

  6. The fence is up and Jack and Jill are enjoying their new home since late October. Rumor is that Jill is suppose to deliver sometime in Jan or early Feb. They love their carrots.
    How can I include pictures?

  7. Are you still looking for a spotted Jenny. I have one that has to go, she is beating up my goats and sheep. Husband has been patient, but she has to go. We live in northeast Georgia. If you know of anyone who could buy her and give a home without the the smaller please give them our email

  8. Are you still looking for a spotted Jenny. I have one that has to go, she is beating up my goats and sheep. Husband has been patient, but she has to go. We live in northeast Georgia. If you know of anyone who could buy her and give a home without the the smaller please give them our email oops forgot to enter

    1. Hey Cheryl – This post was from 2009, I expect none of the requests are still active. Good luck with your Jenny!

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