What’s in YOUR Toolbox?

Does anyone actually carry a tool box anymore?

Usually my tools are at either one house or the other, but recently I’ve been running simultaneous projects at both houses, which mean the necessities have to travel with me.


Always in my soft-covered toolbag?

I also like to refer to this collection as Tools With Which I Could Take Over The World.

So… what’s in your toolbox?

6 Responses

  1. I’ve got an actual toolbox that most of the small stuff lives in: pencils, sharpies, small clamps, torpedo level, speed square, rasp, files, various screw drivers, DeWalt driver and drill bits, angle finder thingy, plumb bob, nail sets, romex insulation stripper…the list goes on. It’s a well-traveled box, too, It’s been to Mexico multiple times to build houses with Amor Ministries. Though I clean it out and take fewer things for that since those houses don’t have plumbing or electrical.

  2. My tool bag is one of my favorite things. It’s pretty small, so it’s just the basic household items- hammer, screwdrivers, small nails and picture hanging stuff. I usually have a small flashlight in there too, but sometimes it walks off.

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