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We’re T-minus 1 day until the great donkey shed building adventure begins, and I’ve spent this week doing my Actual Real Job, finishing the tile in my basement, and tracking down some Carhartt bibs for women (nowhere carries these in stock by the way, and it pisses me off– girls need work clothes on short demand too, you know) and muck boots for this weekend. All of which is fairly lame to talk about on the Internet.

But you know what’s not lame to talk about? This stuff…

Things I Found in Digging Around in Other Bloggers Archives

Things That Made Me Want to Start More Projects (that I don’t have time for)

Things I Wrote for a Much Funnier– and Even More Irreverent– Website

Things MysteryMan Said That Made Me Laugh

Me: [Regarding drywall] We have to clean up the corners on the inside of the closet.

MysteryMan: But… no one will ever see them.

Me: But I will see them.

MysteryMan: You won’t see them unless you’re locked inside the closet… So actually you might see them, but you won’t care because it will be dark.

MysteryMan: (Pause)

MysteryMan: And on fire.

But really, he wouldn’t know what to do without me.

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  1. That conversation between you and Mystery Man had me smiling all too knowingly. Which makes it either really hilarious or really disturbing. Or both. (Love that suh-WEET photo of you two, by the way. Love, love, love.)


    p.s. Thank you for the mention. I feel like that post is the kind of stuff that no one likes to talk about…

  2. Kelly,

    You’re so right, but I loved your post because seriously, when did it become normal practice to just not pay your mortgage? It screws all of the rest of us that are responsible homeowners. As you said there are legitimate cases, but I also have a friend to decided to just stop paying for his house and let it foreclose… mind you he still has money to go out to the bar or head out for a weekend getaway.

    People shock me sometimes!

  3. Hey, thanks for the mention! I’m on pins and needles to see something nice and pretty and finished at your place (though I’m not sure if a donkey shed would qualify as nice and pretty). And your WTFriday post made me laugh. Hope you get all your tiling done!

  4. Hi DIY Diva,

    I love and follow your blog. I also work at Rosies Workwear. We are a small, family & woman owned business in CA, and are trying to bring awesome workwear to hard working women. I would love to send you some product if you want! Overalls are our most popular item. They have lots of pockets for tools, and removable knee pads. Just email me back with a size and address.

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