Wood, Meet Ceiling

I am thisclose to being done with plastering the walls in the Station, and in keeping with the tradition of starting a new project before I finish the previous one, hey, look what we did this weekend!


Once we’re finished I’ll give you the big “how to” post on installing these ceilings. At the half-way point, these are the things I can say…

1.) Thus far no one (meaning me) has lost a finger to this bad boy.


2.) Everyone (meaning MysterMan) managed to work on the scaffolding without falling off of it.


3.) I learned that it only takes two guys and four measuring devices to make sure the hole for the electrical box ends up in the right place.




Early in the day MysteryMan tried to cut a piece of wood at a 45 by holding it vertically against the miter fence and then I told him under no circumstances was he to cut another piece of wood. So I got to play with the big saw all day.

Although I did spend some time up on the scaffolding as a spare pair of arms.

Hey Shorty!


People who top out at 5’3″ like it when they get to be taller than everyone else.

Stay tuned for the exciting conclusion to this adventure.

2 Responses

  1. That looks AWESOME!!! And don’t feel bad about starting a project before another one is finished….once we got our kitchen operable back in September it has continued to stay in its unfinished state….but we can cook in it! 🙂

  2. That looks beautiful. I currently have no fewer than a dozen projects going, so I find nothing odd about starting a new one before finishing the old one.

    My husband was using a circular saw to cut wood for a built-in pantry that I’m building. It was a short piece that didn’t really fit on the sawhorses and he held the saw in one hand, the wood in the other and held both up in midair. When I yelled at him to STOP before he cut off a finger he played it off like he was obviously not going to cut it like that, duh. I didn’t believe him then and I don’t believe him now.

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