Working Portraits

While we will have a pretty thorough record of all of the construction at Memorial through this website and my incessant picture taking, I’ve been challenging myself to really pause in the the work to make sure I’m getting good “working portraits” of myself, MysteryMan, and all of the friends and family that stop over to help us.

Action shots are one thing, but it’s hard to get people to relax in front of a camera when they are covered head-to-toe in dirt. Or just to get MysteryMan to look at me without rolling his eyes.


He especially likes it if I snap 107 pictures of him when he’s doing math.


I’ve got a decent collection for my Wall of MysteryMan so far, despite his attempts to thwart me….


This one has nothing to do with working on the house, but it’s one of my favorite shots of this dude.


Getting self-portraits is both easier and harder, but I’m getting better at seeing the picture without actually being behind the camera.


Unfortunately I wear basically the same outfit everyday, so there’s not a lot of variation in my look.


Sometimes I change the color of my long-johns, just to keep things interesting.


Its actually a bit nerve wracking to take pictures of yourself sans-makeup after a day of hard work, but drywall dust and really good lighting do excellent things for your skin.

So friends and family, the warning is out. If you come over to help, be prepared to pose when you’re here.

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  1. You totally rock it.

    When people come over to help, they have to get their picture taken for our ‘Wall of Awesome’. Right now it just lives on the blog but eventually it will be an actual gallery of photos. I’ve found people actually want to come help just so they get on the wall. Amazing what a little food, booze and public credit can do for your free workforce.

  2. Getting action shots during projects is the hardest thing. I also have a man that rolls his eyes when my camera comes out. I also have next to NO photos of myself doing anything to our house, which is a big problem in my opinion. But I am not nearly as photogenic as you are, so maybe it’s for the best. I do need to learn how to use my camera as well as you do, your photos are just awesome!

    ps – I love your smirk in these shots, I always look like I’m constipated when I don’t smile with teeth!

  3. Carrie- Love the Wall of Awesome. My family does the same… “aren’t you going to take a picture of me doing this to put on the website?” lol

    Sara- The photogenic comment was funny… it takes at least 30 pictures to get one that doesn’t make me cringe. The secret is good lighting. Get a cheap tripod and a remote for your camera… it’s the best way to get action shots of yourself so people believe you actually are doing work and not just taking pictures all day. (When I give my big smile in photos, my head transforms into a perfect sphere, for reasons unknown to me.)

  4. I am totally enjoying your blog, and have been venturing backwards to read more of it. Thanks for sharing!
    I’m a PE and noticed that in the shot you took of your husband above, he’s using his NCEES pencil. Haha, I had to comment. I still have mine from a couple years ago too. I don’t know why I haven’t thrown it away. It always reminds me of those 2 days of hell (we get extra tests in Ca), but I keep it for some reason.

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