Weekly Wrap Up: Truer Words

Note: All of the images on my last couple of posts have been returned to an appropriate size so that you’re not scrolling through a post and bam! there’s 4000 pixels of mortar in your face. Your welcome. I’d promise to proofread more thoroughly, but I write most of these posts after midnight, so I’m not sure it will do any good.

Things have been the usual amount of Crazy around the DIYdiva homestead(s) a small preview of which you can see here…


I know, right? Insanely exciting.

Don’t judge, it will be when it’s done.

Things Other People Wrote That You Should Read. Now.

“So yes, I hope that part of what I’m doing out here is proving that we shouldn’t judge by appearance and our own expectations. I want the world to know exactly what ‘little girls’ and young people are actually capable of!”

Jessica, AMEN.

Projects That Inspired Me This Week

  • From Hooked on HousesThis bathroom served as some serious inspiration for the Station man-cave bathroom. I know, you’re going to look at that and go “Wait. What?!” I didn’t misinterperate the term man-cave, trust me. My tile gets delivered on Wednesday so you’re probably going to have to wait a week or two to see. Also loving this kitchen from the same site, and white usually isn’t my thing.

Things that I Didn’t Write That Made Me Laugh

I should modify it to say “Leader in the Field of not intentionally killing anyone who told me I couldn’t do something.”

4 Responses

  1. OMG ! I thought we got past this. (if in fact the comment was directed at me) I never said you couldn’t do it. I have always said “Anything is possible with enough money and time”. ie: boulder dam; saturn space program; computers and the war in Iraq; just to name a few. I have been absolutley sure of the fact that you are quite capable of anything and everything. Don’t you remember when you were little and I would tell you that you could be President some day? 🙂 If there is anyone else who may have commented that “you couldn’t do something” I wwould like to know who it is. If these tpe of comments don’t subside I might have to spend what is left of your inheritance on counseling.

  2. Ricky- I won’t give you shit for the misspellings but if you OMG me like a teenager again I’m never going to let you live it down.

    PS- I’ll tell MysteryMan he’s pissing my my $50 dollar inheretance away next time he tells me I can’t dig the post holes for a split rail fence. That should buy you a good fifteen minutes with a shrink. Good luck. 😉

    PPS- I think my window for presidential candidacy closed when I started getting facial piercings.

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