Working Portraits: Tile and Cabinets and Saws, Oh my!

Bit by bit it’s started to sink in that with Garrison sold, very soon we will no longer have a warm, clean, finished space to come back to after hours of digging post holes or hanging drywall.

Basically we have about 3 weekends to put the finishing touches on our dilapidated old gas station. The working portraits I did this weekend are a preview of what’s to come over the next couple of weeks…

I like to call this one “1,677 Tiles Later”


Got a little face time with a saw as well. This one is appropriately titled “Bad Idea.”


As in… it’s a bad idea to hold a piece of beadboard with your armpit while attempting to cut holes for electrical outlets. Just FYI everyone.

Don’t worry, I got some help with that, and MysteryMan got some help with this…


I’m thinking of calling this one “If You Don’t Hold This Cabinet Straight I’m Going To Cosh You In The Head With My Drill.” Alternatively titled, “If That Drill Comes Near My Head You’re Going To Get An Elbow To The…” I’ll let you fill in the blank.

As you can imagine, tons of fun posts coming up this week.

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