Filling In The Hole

At some point this website is going to move beyond posts about holes, but that day is not today.

We have exactly nine days until the building crew we hired shows up to help us rough frame the house. You heard me right, building crew. Did you all just WTFIthoughtthiswasaDIYproject me?

As MysteryMan and I sat through our fiftieth hour of contractors class we started to lay out a realistic timeline for framing in the house on the weekends or with an odd day off here or there. Basically we were going to be framing through September. And then a friend of a friend gave us a quote on doing the basics– essentially demoing the existing roof and putting up the new roof, exterior walls, and windows– and told us he would bring his crew and have it done in two weeks.

It’s going to add about 10% to our overall project cost, but we juggled the numbers and determined that was a small price to pay for MysteryMan’s sanity and my personal safety– because you know at some point during 4 months of framing he was going to try an pitch me headfirst off the roof.

We’ll still be tackling all of the roofing, siding, exterior trim, interior walls, and finish work, but now we may actually have time for regular showering. So building crew = WIN for personal hygiene.

And back to that big hole… in preparation for the big build MysteryMan has been toiling away with his crew on the foundation. Since this is what he does for an Actual Real Job, I minded my own business with the bathroom tile and let him take care of it.


We have a donkey shed to build and some demo to complete this weekend, but we’re making progress every day. Expect to hear more about foundations here soon.

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  1. Good call on the framing crew. While I have NO doubts that you could have done it and done it well. In many instances the time versus money equation tips the scale in favor of letting a specialist handle the job. But at the same time you have armed yourself with the contractor knowledge so you can tell if they are doing it correctly.

    Enjoy watching them and get focused on planning the next steps. I’m looking forward to watching your progress!

  2. yay for showers. good call.

    I’m looking forward to pictures of the progress, especially if the pictures include the framing crew working hard without shirts. Just sayin’.

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