Hauling Ass: 650 miles down 750 to go

Day 1 of the Hauling Ass tour of 2010 was a complete success, thanks to MysteryMan’s aunt, grandpa, and dad who outfitted the cap of the pickup with a new vent and screens and practiced several trial runs loading and unloading the donkeys.

Right up until yesterday we had no idea what we were going when we needed to stop for the night. We considered sleeping in the truck at a rest stop or just trying drive right through. Without knowing how the donkeys would handle the ride, what we REALLY wanted was a place with a yard we could turn the girls out in for the night.

This is when–thank you iPhone– I got the brilliant idea to search for cabin rentals that have a fenced in yard. Now, I’m pretty sure when they say “pets welcome” they weren’t thinking about donkeys, but would you believe that 50 miles off of our route in Herber Springs, Arkansas I found cabin rentals on a miniature horse farm?

Not kidding. The people at Tater Hill Farms were THRILLED to rent us a cabin for the night that has an adjoining pasture for the most important people on this trip…

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  1. Oh my goodness that is too awesome! Cabin rentals, and miniature horses too? Could that be more perfect? Praise the iPhone! 🙂

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