Hauling Ass: Home Sweet Home

We made it back– donkeys included– late Friday night. My sanity took another 24 hours to catch up with us.

The girls handled the entire trip beautifully, and spent Saturday checking out their new home.

And receiving visitors, of course. The donkeys have a fairly full social calendar at the moment.


Because MysteryMan and I aren’t currently obliging our parents with grandchildren, my mom has designated herself a “donkey grandmother”.


They are showering her with donkey kisses already. I get donkey hugs.



They’ve already found a favorite spot for head-scratching in their pasture, and I’ve already started planning for additional landscaping.


My mom has started planning for a donkey jungle-gym. She takes being a grandmother seriously.

All in all I would say the three of us are happy to be home, and MysteryMan is happy not to have to drive us another mile.


You better believe I have projects to get back to now!

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  1. Oh my donkey they are cute! They are going to be so spoiled (as they should be). Love the way the donkey house turned out too, can’t wait to see what else you do with it.

  2. Cute cute cute CUTE!! Went back and read your older posts about donkeys and now I know the whole story of how you got donkeys. Love ’em and can’t wait to hear about more stories with these cuties!

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