Pinch and a Sting

Here’s a lesson for Thursday: Even if you’re not going to be doing any “real” work and are just hauling lumber around your yard- you should still do it in shoes more substantial than flip flops.

Otherwise you’re going to have to remove a rusty nail from your big toe and then follow it up with one of these…

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  1. OUCH!! and OUCH!! again! Maybe your barefoot badass self needs to just start being plain ol’ badass. After all these years of barefootin’, the odds are now stacked against you.

  2. Kate- I do usually wear some kind of boot up in the construction zone, but I was being lazy and didn’t change out of my flimsy shoes yesterday. That’ll learn me.

    Lisa – The cringe inducing photo of a needle in my arm is brought to you courtesy of the iPhone. I told the nurse “I have to take a picture of this to better illustrate my cautionary tale about improper footgear.” I think she held the syringe in there a little longer for me too. lol. ANYTHING for the Internet.

  3. Ooo, that sucks….I hope the nail itself didn’t hurt that much!

    Speaking of removals, I had to have my man pull a tick OUT OF MY STOMACH with tweezers Tuesday night. That sucked, too! And that is why no one should do push-ups under a gross old tree in tall grass. Stupid exercise. I’m seriously scarred for life.

  4. That looked painful. The picture is also a cautionary tale to keep your shots up to date. My last one I had to get when I tripped while using my chainsaw to de-limb a tree (and no I did not cut myself with the chainsaw). I landed on some old rusty barbed wire. Ripped my pants and everything. Not pretty.

  5. Um Sara, ohmyfreakinggod! In your stomach? I hate ticks. Ticks and mosquitos. Ugh. I’m cool with bugs as long as they aren’t buried into my skin or trying to suck my blood. Seriously, is that too much to ask?

    Janet- You aren’t kidding. My last tetanus shot was in ’94, lol. It was time.

  6. In. Her. Arm. People.

    You should have had one of those (if it was a tetanus booster) a LONG time ago!

    I wore shorts while mowing today and now know what a projectile rock in the leg feels like.

  7. I feel your pain but gym shoes don’t even help. I stepped directly on a nail and it went directly thru my shoe and directly into my foot! (Sorry about all the directly’s, just bringing home my point – teehee).

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