Rough Framing: Day 1 – That Was Easy

So what you’re saying is, I go to work and do my Actual Real Job, and when I get off all the heavy lifting will be done? That’s novel.

Before it looked something like this:


Now at least there’s not a bigass hole in the ground that I could fall into and injure myself.


I would like to point out that while I am the resident walking disaster, two people have fallen into that hole so far and neither of them were me.


I told MysteryMan to get out his dancing shoes, because apparently we are the proud owners of a remarkably large dance floor for the time being.


I actually did make him dance on it then. He loves dancing with me in full view of the busy road. On a raised 5 foot platform.

It was short lived because I realized if I pushed him too far, there was a very convenient hole he could deposit me in, never to be seen again


I’m fairly impressed for 3 guys in 8 hours. We’ll see how they hold up in the next week before I give them my stamp of approval.

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