We’re leaving for the Hauling Ass Tour of 2010 in 6 days. Six. As in, not even a full week away.

What we really needed this weekend was a few days that kicked serious butt, and what we got was rain, 50 MPH winds, and broken tools. Unrelated.

I laid some (but not all) of the tile for the counter in the Station kitchenette…


Unsurprisingly, my tile saw crapped out half way through ripping down a 24″ tile. Go figure. Then my camera crapped out when I dropped it off the table saw and onto the concrete floor. Again, go figure.

As you can also see, the weather cooperated on Sunday giving us just enough time to scramble to try and get the shed closed in, and then fail miserably before it got dark.


Ok, not miserably. We’ll probably be able to get it finished up before (or shortly after) the donkeys get back.

And while mothers across the country were pampered with breakfast in bed and other relaxing activities, we celebrated Mothers Day by putting my Mom to work up on a ladder…

Thanks for being a sport Mom! She continues to be one of the most ardent supporters of all the crazy ideas her daughter comes up with.

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