Getting Used To Country Life

There are parts about living in an unfinished garage on a busy country road that are less than ideal. The fact that I can’t get high-speed Internet is high on that list, followed by the lack of a kitchen sink or closet. (The latter two are items I hope to remedy this weekend.) Holyoke Home had the comment that made me laugh most this week:

Outdoor pump? Um. No.

Just no.


Still makes me chuckle, because oh yeah, this is my life.

And you might think I’m complaining, and I hate this country living, and that I’m seriously regretting selling my adorable house in the city… but you would be wrong.

The views here are better.


And every morning I go out to my garden, and pick my breakfast…



Then I visit with my girls out in the pasture…



BubbaCat keeps an eye on things back at the homestead while I’m at work…


I spend the evenings painting fascia…


Okay, okay, I spent an evening painting fascia. Sometimes I hang curtains, or cabinets, or grout counter tops, or kneel in front of my wireless card and pray for more than one bar of internet service.

But all in all, it really is beginning to feel like home.


4 Responses

  1. OMG – donkey eyes!!!!! It’s like they’re wearing gorgeous cleopatra kohl eyeliner!!!!! LOVE IT 😀

  2. We used to live in Toledo….near the newer Jeep factory…but moved to PA about 6 years ago. So no worries about tornadoes here! 🙂

  3. Water from the pump is nothing . Try no plumbing at all. LOL. ALthough the boys like peeing on rocks. Anything else we go to town. Hoping for either a septic system or at least a whiffie biffie (outhouse). Everything is looking good by the way, and the donkeys are soooo cute. I am in envy of the wrap around porch.

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