Rough Framing: Memorial House Tour

Shortly after the astounding pile of rubble was cleared from the inside of the living room, the house started to look like, well, a house.

New gables on the front and a roof over the wraparound porch and front entry…


And the side entry…


Walking in to the mudroom off the side door.


The newly expanded kitchen is off to the left…


Looking straight through the kitchen to the great room.


The great room consists mostly of original house, with a couple of modifications to the ceiling, framing for a fireplace, and an opening that leads into the office and then out to the veranda.


The hallway to the bath and second bedroom still has walls. The only area of the house to boast that feature.


All thanks to the awesome guys from Total Quality Construction. People in the Toledo are, consider this my official recommendation for these guys, who did a great job for us.

The rest of the work won’t go nearly so quickly (or smoothly) but it should be fun, all the same. Next up on the agenda? MysteryMan focuses on fascia and putting the roof on, while I try to move five years of my existence from a three bedroom house into half of a garage.

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  1. Thanks Ladies! It’s a vast improvement over where we were at a month ago (big hole in the ground) so it’s incredibly exciting… and exhausting. I have 4 more days to move everything out of my old place and then I can really buckle down and start working on things like painting 2000 sq ft of cedar siding.

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