Saying Goodbye: First Time Home-Seller Reflections

Well, the time has come my story-book house on Garrison Road…


It’s been almost 6 years since I took the plunge and bought my first house. A young twenty-something with delusions of home-ownership grandeur.

Mom & I Kitchen in Prog

I started a website in 2005 about all of my crazy projects, and kicked it off by talking about how to get rid of that where’s-the-dead-body smell from your new house.

I lived through a waterfall that spanned 3 floors of my house.

I embarked upon a number of crazy projects, such as…

It’s been, um, fun. Instructional. Exhausting. Awesome.

There was a time where I thought I’d spend many more years living on Garrison Road. And then I met a guy who flirted with me and then convinced me to move to the country.


And so, here we are. Sunday I turned over the keys to that awesome couple from Florida who bought the house on Garrison Road, and who I hope will create wonderful memories in their new home.

The first rule of ownership should always be to leave the house in better shape than you found it in… even though that doesn’t happen as much as it should. Still, how’d I do?

Old Living Room

LivingRm Before

LivingRM before2

New Living Room



Old Kitchen

kitchen before

New Kitchen



Old Nook

nook before

New Nook


Old Basement

basement before

New Basement


Old Office

office before

New Office


Old Half-Bath

Basement Bath- floor up

New Half-Bath


Old Basement Hall


New Basement Hall


Old Back Yard

Back of house- from yard

New Back Yard


And the room I just may miss the most…


Guess which room I’m going to finish in the new house first? I’m just sayin’… life isn’t worth living without a bathtub to sink into after a long day.

But in order to reach that glorious day when my very own master bath will be finished, there had to be some sacrifices. And one of them was saying good-bye to the house on Garrison Road.


It was a good six years little old house. I hope the next six–and sixty– are just as awesome.

And while it was a little hard to walk out the door of my first house for the last time, on my way home to the country I had a feeling that things were going to work out just right.


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  1. WOW! Those are some awesome changes.

    I can only imagine how hard it is to leave such a labor of love behind. Good luck in the new digs.

  2. You did awesome! I guess I didn’t realize you were only there 6 years. That’s an amazing amount of work in that short time.

  3. you did an amazing job and now someone else is going to have great memories in the house that you DIY’D.

  4. You definitely left it better than before and the new owners will LOVE you for it! Great post! Happy new memory starting at your new digs!

  5. I love your Garrison house. It is the kind of house fairytales are made of… but fairy tales never end in a house like that – they only begin there. So happy for you and Mystery Man in your new home endeavor! The Memorial house is looking a lot better these days with your creative touch and hard-working hands!

  6. Awesome transformation – but that was just practice for all the DIY goodness happening out in the country. Goodbye Garrison, you were well loved!

  7. One question, Oh Great Master of the Renovation!

    WHERE on EARTH did you get all the money to do that?!?!? LOL

    Oh wait, you live in Florida. I live in New York. Ahhhhso, I see now.

    You did a beautiful job. That pergola is honking gorgeous.

  8. Rebecca – I actually lived in Toledo, OH – and house there is about 10 times cheaper than in Florida or NY. Also, I DIYed almost everything, which saves big bucks. Every year my tax return and any money I saved went towards a big project like the pergola!

  9. Congratulations and good cheer. When I think of selling my old house, my eyes tear up. I know the time will come, but still. It’s. So. Hard.

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