ToolTime: Tool Bags, Pouches & Feeding The Addiction

Maybe I’ve mentioned this a time or two before, but I’ve got a small compulsion when it comes to buying tools. I spot a biscuit joiner while walking down the tool aisle, and I need that thing the way other girls need new shoes. Weird, I know… but think of all the damn stuff you can use tools for, while heels just give you blisters. So really, who’s the weird one here?

Oh, I’m sorry… is that one of my Miniature Donkeys giving me bunny ears in this photo? I am definitely still the weird one. Pratical, but weird.

Let’s talk about tools, shall we?

Ben A. had a good question for me that I’d love all you tool aficionados to weigh in on.

I was reading your post on “What’s in Your Tool Box” and was curious what brand/size  your soft tool bag is. I’m in the market for one and not sure what to purchase. Also, I need a standard tool pouch with a belt or able to fit on my own belt for simple to complex DIY projects around the house. Do you have one that you like or would recommend?

Since I currently live in a glorified garage, organizing my tools has quickly become a favorite past-time. Here are some things I love:

AWP 12″ Monster Mouth Tool Bag

This is my portable toolbox, and almost always contains:

  • the Makita
  • 3 boxes of drill bits
  • tape measure
  • torpedo level
  • miscellaneous screwdrivers and pliers
  • half my body weight in sand paper scraps and sawdust

It carries way more than you would think, and costs under $20.

Tool Bucket Organizer

Here’s another of my favorite tool organizers for under $20…

My dad actually bought me my first bucket organizer when I bought my first house, and pushed me along that first step down the slippery slope to oh-my-god-I’ll-die-without-that-drillpress. Thanks Dad.

These things are dead handy for collecting tools and also keeping them portable for around the house projects.

Husky 8-Pocket Tool Pouch

This small pouch is my most often used toolbelt (though I recently inherited a big leather belt from my grandmother, which is also sure to be a favorite). It’s under $10, and small, which is particularly important to vertically challenged people like myself. Also, it doesn’t get in the way of important things like hitting stuff with my hammer.

I also have one of these handy clips attached to my belt. They’re dead handy for holding the drill and can also be used on a regular belt or waistband for even more flexibility.

Note: If you’re pants are a little loose, this could result in unintentionally mooning the busy road right next to your house. Not that I would know.

Moving on…

Tell me, what’s your favorite way to carry, store, and organize tools? Any favored brands of tool belts out there?

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  1. I’m not doing anything nearly as ambitious as you, but for my around-the-house projects, I like to leave most of my tools on the workbench and carry just what I need for the job on a small utility ladder with a tool tray like this one:
    The ladder is just the right height to reach up to the ceilings in my house without bumping my head and has deep treads with lots of traction for stability when I’m on it. The tray on mine is strong enough to hold everything up to a full paint can and has holes that can keep screwdrivers and even a drill organized for the job at hand. The one I linked to has a magnetized tool tray, so I think I’m going to have to find a reason to replace mine! Magnets and flash lights are two of my weaknesses.
    I also keep a regular tool belt handy to be loaded with whatever I need whenever I need it and a small canvas apron for hanging pictures. The canvas apron is perfect for holding nails and a bullet level.

  2. Awesome post! I’ve seen those AWP bags at Lowes before, I’ll have to look a little closer. I’ve also been looking at some from Bucket Boss at the Blain’s Farm and Fleet near me. Anyone have any experience with Bucket Boss products? Good/bad quality?

  3. Ha I completely agree with the high heel statement! I go to Menards more than any other store combined. I was sooo excited recently when our Menards bought the closed Circuit City next to it and doubled the size of their store. You can’t go wrong with double the options!

    As far as tool organization goes we have plastic tool boxes, a similar bucket holder, and a similar soft bag each for a different types of tools. But I have to say in my opinion the most important thing is how organized you store everything (not just hand tools). We’re redoing our garage this year to have a place for everything organized by categories like adhesives, car stuff, etc. Because if you can’t find the replacement blade for something it’s useless.

  4. my husband buys me power tools for presents. He is the best. My newest tool is a festool domino. I usually wear pants with pockets that hold what I need. I also have a red tomboy tools tool belt. It is the right size for my waist. I find male tool belts too thick. I do have a tool bag but I keep forgetting to put my tools back in it. You should see my workshop.


  5. When the fire department I work for upgraded their stuff, I snagged a big EMS box with trays for free. (It’s like a giant Plano tackle box.) Heavy stuff goes in the bottom; nails, screws, sandpaper, etc. go in the trays up top. Love it for storage. For projects, I just take what I need out of the big box and carry it with me–which often results in misplacing things and spending a lot of time looking for them. I need a pouch like yours.

  6. Leather bags are a must for every person, including men. Leather bags are now available in so many different styles, materials, colours… the list goes on, that whatever your need or occasion, there is a leather bag out there for everyone!

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