On The Third Year

We’ve owned this house for three years now, which is to say a Wheat Year… A Corn Year… And a Bean Year… I could spend

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A Culmination of Sorts

There are two things that have been happening simultaneously in my life, that appear to have just reached a culmination of sorts. Those two thing

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Sharpening our no.2’s

We’re entering another one of those “sit back an wait for materials and/or while professionals do the work on our house” phases of construction. With

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I had things to do this weekend that involved grout, trim, and the miter saw. But the boys looked like they were having so much

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Sparkler Tricks 2010

My good friend E and I started a Fourth of July tradition last year: Opening the shutter on the Nikon and playing with sparklers. As

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Permanent Fixture

I started out my holiday weekend exactly the way you would expect– hitting up Hobby Lobby, Target, and the nearest Big Box store to stock

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